2013 HOF Speeches

Hall of Fame Speech – Stereotypes

StereotypeI began dippin snuff in 1978 at age 15. I left High School after my Junior year and went to work on a cattle ranch. The image of a cowboy was tobacco use. I was pleased to be a part of the culture and embraced every thing about it. I packed mules and broke horses, drank in “saloons”, cussed and spit. Then I became a deputy sheriff. Another dippin crowd. I am ashamed that I would not until now man up and do the right thing and not the expected thing. My son now wants to follow in my footsteps of horses and law enforcement. I have quit for me but I want to show him a counter culture, one that is tobacco free.

Dip did not make me a better cowboy/horseman, nor does it contribute to my law enforcement career. I want my children and my grandchildren and anyone reading this to understand that tobacco in no way enhanced or improved my life. I am thankful to Kill the Can for without it I would not be nicotine free. It also has shown my son what we all are going through and how we all have meaning in our lives being tobacco free. This shall encourage him to never start. Thank you all, for alone I would of failed.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ScottG

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