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Happiness at the Royals Opening Game

KTC Logo PurpleI know you can all relate to this – these moments are few and far between in life, but they are breakthrough moments…

I’m worktowin. And I’m an addict. Yesterday my wife and I went to the Royals opening game,which is a tradition for us. Almost every guy there had a lip full of chew. Spit bottles everywhere. The telltale circle in the back of the jeans was more prevalent than a blue t-shirt. About an hour into the game the guy sitting next to my wife took out a can and filled up. My wife leaned over and said “you aren’t having any chew?” I proudly looked at her, smiled, and said “I don’t do that shit any more. I quit 106 days ago and won’t ever do it again. Happy new year.” Immediately she burst into years and hugged me. This went on for about 5 minutes. I think everyone around us thought she was in mourning but let me tell you, it was a great moment. I was so proud. And so was she.

You see, I was the ninja master. Started at 16. Wife knew I chewed on hunting and fishing trips and games. But she didn’t (doesn’t) know about the 9,125 other cans I chewed over the 25 year affair with the Kodiak bear. I chewed up a storm on my commute. During conference calls when I could shut my door. In the shower. On the toilet. Every alone moment was a fix time.

Fast forward to December. Had another of life’s events that are a turning point. My annual doctors visit was a train wreck. My life as an expense account eating, drinking, and ninja dipping businessman had finally caught up to me and I was harshly told what the future would be if I didn’t change my ways. So, on Christmas Eve I started a diet and exercise program with dedication, and I quit. I figured if I made enough big changes at once I wouldn’t be able to focus on how bad any one of then was. And 107 days later I am quit. I am 40 lbs lighter. And I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school track.

Several days into my quit, in the midst of the crazy ass fog (you know what I’m talking about) I found this site. I read the stories for several days, and particularly related to jw1977’s quit stories. After lurking for several days I joined. Kc bronco and sir Derek were there at the beginning pulling me along. Waketech sent several messages of encouragement and is a strong quit brother. Sportsfan231 checks up about weekly. Mikea took me to lunch to celebrate my HOF. Sage and I have shared several funny emails. And I would be remiss to not thank itsgottohappen – your daily texts seem to always come at the right moment. And my fellow kansas quitter ob15411. You are a bad ass quitter and together we are winning the battle. One day at a time.

Without this site I would not be quit today. Without the support of my fellow quit brothers and sisters I would not be quit today. I am humbled and thankful to stand before you all and say that I am an addict. And that I am a quitter.

God bless you all.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member worktowin

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Eagles Fan
Eagles Fan
7 years ago

Worktowin, great hof speech! Congrats and keep up the good work!

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