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How to Strengthen a Quit

The Whole Savannah GangThis weekend 20 to 30 quitters met in Savannah, GA. We had a range of quit days from 200 or so days to a 6,000+ days. I would hazard to guess we had at least 20,000 days of quit at this meet. I would venture to say three or four of the quitters were instrumental in the formation of KTC.

My observations were the following.

Regardless of the days quit accrued everyone had something to offer. Everyone. Moreover, everyone left with a stronger quit. I watched men that have been quit since the 90s get rejuvenated. They looked forward posting Monday morning with friends that changed their life forever. The nic bitch must have been shaken.

For me, most notably were my quiet observations of the women that came with their spouses. Some had been to a meet before but some women were apprehensively coming to a meet for the first time. I watched their apprehension melt away and a sense of comfort cross their face as they begin to realize that they were amongst a group of men and women that were determined to INVEST in people and insure that they too could turn a life of addiction into a life of freedom. The joy in those women’s faces brings tears to my eye. They knew their spouses were in the hands of the determined.

Put a stake in the ground. Meet and invest in the fellowship of quit. Attend a quit meet It is an investment that shall repay many times over.

I wish I knew who to credit but someone said, “If I knew quitting was this fun I would have quit a long time ago”. Well said friend. Quit on.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Scowick65

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