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Missing Your Old Dip Brand? You’re Romanticizing Dip

Romanticizing DipQuitting dip is hard. For some of us it’s been something that we’ve grown up with. For some it’s been multiple decades of being a slave to a little can of Kodiak, Skoal, Copenhagen or a host of other brands out there.  Speaking of “brand loyalty”, forum member Tony S dropped this piece of brilliance (on day 7 no less!) that simply has to be shared:

Tony S

Hi folks. Tony here, from Nov ’14. Just wanted to vent about how much it pisses me off when anyone who is in the process of quitting talks about how much they love/miss their brand of choice. I wasted almost a decade killing myself with the nasty shit. Countless dollars that could be used to pay off my education. Instead, all i got was receded gums and a lifetime of worry about every sore or irregularity that shows up in my mouth. I don’t understand how a quitter could possibly say they love or miss it. I think my hatred of chewing and of myself for doing it so long is a huge part of my motivation. Sorry for the rant, just think its BS when I see quitters talk positively of the very thing that has ruined portions of all of our lives, and i think im just having some dip rage. FUCK NIC.

This is a guy that “gets it”. I have to admit, I was one of those guys. I LOVED my Kodiak.  I MISSED my Kodiak. I’d painted a picture of my Kodiak in my mind about just how awesome it truly was.  How sadly mistaken I was.  My best friend Kodiak was killing me for 16+ years.  One dip at a time. 30yrAddict came along and summed it up perfectly in response to Tony’s post:


That is the right mindset, young jedi!

What you are describing is called romanticizing dip… and if not addressed will always prove deadly to a quit.

This addiction is like any other addiction in most ways. For some the sense of “loss” when they quit can be quite acute. My recommendation to those folks is to remember why they are here, look at cancer pictures, read the stories at the top of words of wisdom, and read all of the unethical things that big tobacco has done to keep generations of people hooked, selling death for profit. In short, those people need to get pissed at what was done to them… and how it could have impacted them and their family.

Stop romanticizing your addiction. Join us today and regain your freedom! 

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