2019 HOF Speeches

My Name is Rick and I’m an Addict

Hall of Fame KTC 3Here I sit on my Hall of Fame night.. I have had my Speech written for a few days now, but before I post it below I want to say what I have been thinking on this 100th Day of Quit.

Hi all, My name is Rick and I’m an Addict. Whatever I do I give 110%, One of my Main Hobbies is PC Gaming / Sim Racing. Spent a lot of Money to get my system the way I wanted it, seems I am never happy with it, I need to have the best stuff I can afford. When I Sim Race I am Dale Earnhardt, giving it my all. I’m competitive in any game I play, If I am out Fishing I need to catch more then the next guy, Hunting, I need the biggest game, I never settle. Motorcycles.. Love them but they have to be fast, my truck needs to be the cleanest.

My Wife once said I am hard headed and when I put my mind to something I won’t settle until it is done. I loved to Dip, I always had it, sure I made sure my family was taken care of first, my Wife and Daughters always get what they need before I do, I have felt Starved and Thirsty as at one point I would spend my last penny on them before I got something for myself. 110% I live so my Wife and Daughter can have the life I never got to have. I don’t fault my Parents, they raised me to Work Hard, they gave me what they could and I was thankful.

Drinking… I would go all out. I was an alcoholic and I truly think Someone helped me from beyond the grave. You see when I set my mind to something, I go 110% As an Ex Firefighter / EMT when things like 9-11-01 or 6-30-13 happen, I research the hell out of it, I don’t stop until I can read or watch and understand what happened. When I was a drunk I remember one night sitting at my Uncles house getting ready to hit the bars with him, listening to this music, I asked him who it was.. He told me Stevie Ray Vaughan. I researched the hell out of this amazing guitar player and learned he was a Drug Addict and Alcoholic, I listened and watched documentaries on him until my Eyes bled. I found about 6 hours of him recorded at AA Meetings, Stevie Helped me get dry for 6 years. Now I can have a beer or two or maybe a Jack and Coke and stop, but….

Dipping has a hold on me, Just like Tequila.. those are two things I need to stay away from, like I said 110% in, Fake Dip? Yup when I signed up for KTC I bought 20 cans of Smokey Mountain without ever trying it, when I tried Nic gum and Patches before I found KTC I went all out and bought the whole damn kit that should have gotten me to the end (Tossed that shit out along with all the money I spent) Folks the only thing that has worked is WUPP, EDD, ODAAT. Now on to what I wrote.

Hello all,

So here I sit, One Hundred Days Quit! Wow maybe I should quit my job and become a wrapper.. or is it Rapper? I don’t know but get off
my lawn! Ok Seriously here.. 100 Days.. Damn, while this is not the longest I have been quit (1.5 Year is the max) I want to say, I am
more proud of this quit, and it’s because my Brothers I call the Masters of Mayhem. Dip or Chew is a crazy thing. We all started for one
reason or another. It was “Cool”, it made us feel grown up, you name it. For me it was because I drank to much Coke while doing field work
on the tractor.. all summer long. My Great Grandfather did it, my Uncles did it, some of my High School Buddies did it.. My friend and I
was given Redman and Beech Nut one day. I remember telling my Bro “Listen, my Uncle does this and it’s ok” Yup at the age of 13 I was at my Uncles
House, He was Army and one of my Biggest Heroes. He gave me a plug and a can… long story short, he asked for my Can and saw it was empty and asked
where all my “Juice” was.. He rushed me to the Bathroom and I booted my guts out.. 2 years later I always had a pouch with me, we had a store we could
buy it from with no issues (He lost sales of 24 Packs of Coke, but made up for it on Redman)

Kill the Can is a great tool to have around. It’s 100% free of Charge, you need to “Drink all the Kool Aid” and give it 100%
At first it feels strange, but I promise you, it works, Wake Up, Piss, Post, and make that Promise every damn day, and you too can enjoy the freedom so many before you are enjoying.

I want to thank all my Brothers in the Masters of Mayhem,
AW – My First Brother to join me in May 19
Barney1977, ClosetDipper, Dawgs,Dela, Eschmit, Gunnar, James1981, Johnny B, MLovell, MRE,MTBG,Nate, Quit for Good, QuittinAG, Scotty B, Sweetrice, TomC,V(F)Man, and 2nd Time Around

Without you guys I would not be where I am today. All the Calls, Text, GroupMe Chats have helped me more than you know! Thank you.

To the Vets, Man so many of you have done so much for me, the list is long and I can’t list everyone as there are so many of you that come in and post your support to all of
us Masters, so even if you are not on this list, please know that there is no disrespect given, but I want you all to know the support is appreciated.

Mayfly,Keith, Justin, BG, LMcB, CanDoit, CopeQuits, Chris2Alaska, HillTop, ES, AllPucks, Athan, Bgbdbrd, Boovie, Ben, Good2Go, JP, Mhebert, Nick T

and all that come in every day to post your support for my Brothers and me. Your Daily text, calls and PM’s mean so much and Thank you Don’t seem enough.

Here is to 100 Days, and I know we don’t worry about tomorrow here at KTC, but here is to many more. 100 Days few by. I remember the Suck, and I don’t want to ever deal with
it again. I know the fight is not over with yet, I must stand guard from the Nic Bitch, but with all my Brothers and Sisters that have my Back, I know I can win this fight.

The 100 Day Battle might have been won, but the War is not over!

Thank you to everyone at KTC that whipped my Ass into Shape, taught me the Ropes and got me to this day.

To the new folks that may read this. Welcome to the KTC Family, I am glad you are here. Read everything you can, settle in for the fight, and listen to the Vets, You too can
enjoy this Nicotine Freedom. It’s going to be hell, I won’t lie to you, but it was this way for all of us at the Start, and if I can do it after dipping for around 25 Years, anyone can do
it. Nicotine should not be legal, but it is, and only you can make the choice to really Quit, and I will be right here doing it with you Every Damn Day!

Rick Jr 5-2-19

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Rick Jr

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