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Only 100 Days Late!

ButchTN avatarWell, I’ve tried to write this thing dozens of times and it just never came out right. Today is day 200 for me and I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to say. I check this site every day and I’m still amazed at the numbers of folks who just happened upon it just like I did. Very similar stories from people of all walks of life bound together by a common addiction. I’m not the most openly religious person. I mean I believe in a divine being, go to church…occasionally (I’m working on that aspect for my wife…bugs her to no end), but generally like to keep my personal relationship with God more private than most. So why do I keep bringing it up then? I really don’t know, but I truly believe that some sort of divine intervention led me to type just the right words into Google that day when I found all of you wonderful people. Today is the 200th day of my journey that will never have an end, and I’m okay with that. I kind of look forward to my craves now just so I can dissect exactly what spurred them on, but they are few and far between now. All the things I used to think I couldn’t do without nicotine I now can’t believe I used to do them with nicotine. I have discovered a new side of myself and I really enjoy what I see. I found an inner strength I didn’t think I had and used it to conquer what I thought was an impossibility.

Now I’m just starting to babble which is where I usually hit the delete button, but I am determined to post something today. I really feel obligated to do so. I’m going to choose to leave this speech incomplete and add to it every now and then. Until next time, thank you all.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ButchTN

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