Quitter vs Addict; Episode 1

Addict248 days ago I quit all forms of nicotine, cold turkey. It wasn’t easy, at times it sucked horribly but I did it, I fought my demon down and I feel much better about myself. After my 100 days, I decided to start helping my loved ones, friends and family members who are currently slaves to their addiction. I have helped many friends quit, and all, but 1, are currently still quit. The obvious place I had to start was with my Dad…148 later, my Dad still smokes.

My Dad has been smoking, I’m told, since the age of 16 and he is currently 58, that’s a 42 year addiction. Some may say it is not easy to kill a 40+ year addiction, and it is not, but what it is, is a simple decision. My Dad has chosen to smoke the past 40 years, no one made him, and he continues to smoke by choice. Even though we have all pleaded with him to quit, he continues, even though the doctor told him if does not quit, if he does not die of cancer he will eventually have a stroke or heart attack. Yet the old stubborn bastard continues to smoke. I hear him say from time to time “I need to stop” or “this crap is killing me”, well no crap old man. I have finally gathered the courage to answers those questions like a quitter trying to help another addict quit, something I have done dozens of times on WhackthePack.com and KilltheCan.org. But, this was different, this one is more difficult. This is someone I actually love and care about why would this be more difficult? I have no answer for that to be honest, but it is. Here I am, trying every day I see him, answering those questions “I need to stop”- Well yes Dad you need to stop, so do it now, throw away all of your packs, I will help you. “This crap is killing me”- Yes, it is, and to be honest, I would love for you to be around to see my future kids and you current grandchildren grow up, stop being selfish. Yet he continues, always with your typical addict answers, he got the electric cigarette, because that is going to help him quit. It is currently collecting dust. He got Chantix, because that is going to make him quit, well that is all gone, all he got was constant headaches and insomnia, but no quit. Cold turkey is going to have to be the way he quits, I did it, I am strong because of it.

Today, I have stepped up the ante, I have grabbed some words of wisdom from the sites and posted it around his house, the first one is a personal favorite of mine called “the decision”.  I am making a promise to myself and to the members of whackthepack, although he will probably not join the site, he will quit. This is will my first blog about Dad; I give an update from time to time to tell you my progress, or lack thereof. Any suggestions or ideas you can throw my way will be greatly appreciated.

I am determined to save my Dad’s life, even if he is not, if it is not too late already…

NOTE: This piece written by Whack The Pack member Bruce

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