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Quittin… It’s My Life

Morgan1 avatarI started dipping in 1985 – before I even had my driver’s license. I was 15 when I picked up my first can and 41 when I flushed my last 3 down the toilet where they belong. Up until 103 days ago, nearly every memory I have of my life that was not a childhood memory included dipping. I truly regret every second I put that poison in my mouth. KTC has shown me the light and I only wish I had stumbled across it sooner. In my 26 years using tobacco, I never considered quitting. Not once. It was a part of who I was. It was a part of my very being. When I left the house I had 3 things: keys, can, and wallet. Curiosity led me to KTC as one night 103 days ago I googled “quit dipping”. Not because I had any intention to quit, but I figured one day I might – I mean I wasn’t going to do it forever right? Might as well start doing a little research….well I did quit that night. I have quit every day since then and I plan to continue until I find myself in the grave. The first few weeks at KTC are a hazy memory and I honestly remember thinking to myself how surreal it all seemed. I still didn’t believe I could actually quit you see. But the days kept adding up and all of a sudden a few people that were total strangers started becoming more to me than total strangers. I started to believe. I started to buy into what was being sold here. I started guzzling the Kool Aid by the gallon. Now I know a couple of people’s names – what their stories are. Some guy I have never spoken to or heard of is posting support for me every day on roll. Well hot damn! I’m onto something here! It became an avalanche of quit for me and I couldn’t wait to post roll the next day (I still can’t). I became a titan of quit. A warlord of quit. How many days was irrelevant – I knew that my quit was a monster (and I still know it). It was a quit for the ages. I have been chided here for thinking too highly of my quit but I don’t give a damn. Babe Ruth didn’t apologize for hitting home runs. Godzilla didn’t apologize for the mayhem he caused. And I ain’t apologizing for having a quit with balls the size of watermelons on it either. Which leads me to my main point……I understand everyone is different and deals with things differently. There are threads all over this site about fogs and funks and not sleeping and anxiety and other things that I do not experience. I do not experience those things is because I WANT to be quit. I CELEBRATE the fact that I quit. I EMBRACE being quit. I am HAPPY that I quit. I don’t miss dipping for one second. I don’t have fond memories of it. I don’t romanticize it. In my time being quit I have rarely even craved and when I do I shut that bitch down in a heartbeat. It’s lying poison that steals your time on earth just as it steals money from your wallet. I go to battle every day with NIC and I ENJOY that battle. I’m on point at all times and I protect my quit like it was my own 25 year old Salma Hayek covered in gold. For any newbie reading this I have some very simple advice : You wanna be quit? Then look in the mirror everyday and quit. Man up. Own your quit – don’t let it own you. Simple and effective. Those aspects of the quit are sometimes downplayed a little here b/c people are afraid of being confident. Well, I’m not. Long winded….yup…sorry. HAHA.

Lastly I have thank you’s – I am hesitant to post names here because someone will undoubtedly be left out. I don’t mean to. If you are on the site – consider yourself thanked.

Dippshit and Signal31 – I would never have quit had I not ran into these 2 guys on that first nite in chat. SIG guided me through the early days. No lie – I was annoyed by something someone said in chat and said I was leaving and Dippshit said “WAIT”. I did and here I am 103 days later.

Fosterchild – My boy! My first real contact on the site. We stumbled through our first few weeks guiding each other. When they say you make friends here, they aren’t lying.

Swede – I talk to you more than anyone. Thanks for everything you do in September. The best member of our group.

SaCubs/Sox2012/P23/IGOTWORMS – Keep Sept strong gents. Thanks for all of your support and laughs.

SEPT 2012 – Some of you I know better than others and some I don’t know at all. Thanks to all who post roll in this group. You helped me quit.

Timeless, Kdip, Gmann, Bigwhitebeast, Bruce, and CMark – My first 2 months I lived in chat. This crew was always there nite in and nite out. Time was there every step of the way calling me ghey and telling me how much the Marlins sucked. HAHAHA. Everyone knows what a great quitter and great supporter CMark is. Thanks man.

Grizzly25, Keddy, Michelle, Wastepanel, Sir Derek – thanks for support day in and day out.

Bigdave, Jaginvest, and KStamp – You guys exemplify what I think a quit should be – aggressive, loud, in your face, and OWNED. Everytime I see you guys post it strenghtens my resolve. Looking forward to those grilled baby seal steaks covered in chocolate KStamp!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Morgan1

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