2008 HOF Speeches

104 Under My Belt With More To Come

bengalsgirl08 avatarwow here it is… 104.. I never thought it would get here!

This Has been the easiest yet the hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life.. I was sure i wanted to quit long before I ever took any incentive to do so.. I would sit around thinking man I really should quit its really gonna cause problems later on in life and with that thought i would grab the purple can.. So my storie begins on January 1st, I’m sitting on my bed watching tv.. the urge hit i just had to have a dip.. it was in my car I was WAYYY to tired not to mention lazy so instead I grabbed the handy dandy lap top and I typed in “Quit Smokeless Tobaccoo” and came across this site.. before I opened the page I went and grabbed my can of dip to have my last one cause something told me that I would never have another. So after about 10 minutes of being on the site I took out my last dip and threw the rest of the can out the window in my bed room.. (my dad found that can with the lawn mower the other day)… I read basically everything there was to read on here and finally i signed up.. best decision I have ever made in my 18 short years of life. It has been an up hill bettle but I have never looked back from that day.. I have a few people that thanks to them I have gotten this far.

Mylittlesecret – the first person I ever met on here, she talked to me on the phone while i was driving for like the first week keeping me occupied and my mind of dip.

SOS FranPro and BuckFever- you guys were the first I ones I ever talked to on chat plus buck is in my group so that was some motivation in its self

Jpine – after a while I had to stay quit just to show you that I could lol.. plus I had to stick around to see what kind of smart ass remark you would come up with for the day.

Mule21 – Thanks for keeping up with the days… I always lost count lol

and to everyone who checked in on me if i was away for a few days thanks it means alot knowing that someone notices when I’m not there for the day

all of you in chat- thanks lol we have had some good times in there

and most importantly my parents and my boyfriend who have been very supportive in my quit, understanding and willing to help me in any way possible and mostly for putting up with my moody self!!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member bengalsgirl08

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