2008 Quitter Meets

11×4, UncleBubba & Chewie

KillTheCan.org forum members 11×4, UncleBubba & Chewie.

11x4, UncleBubba & Chewie

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One Comment

  1. I’m lady and Every time have bad day When people Who likes to fk and blame me that’s make me more piss off my head turn to explosion then gave up bought me pack and When came out the store saying myself oh oh man I did it again oh fkfkfk
    I wanna quit so damn bad because of diabetic plus other health problem too
    How can I quit now Since having bad day happen go back again ?
    This isn’t easy ! Is it ? Hell no this isn’t so simple !
    I wish the Company never make the idea cigarette in first place !
    But I heard on the news Whatever it saying that it will closed cigarette business soon huh !!
    You think it will happen !!
    I will be happiest as hell lol
    I don’t have photo OK
    I’m deaf too ! Ok
    Have peace day ! ✌

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