2008 HOF Speeches

The Iggy Speech – HOFer

KTC Logo BlueMy Story? Heres a story for you… *ahem*


My story is about the same as everyone else. I started young and committed to addiction…. point is to me; who the hell cares where you came from or what you’ve done, what color you are, what you smell like. All that matters now is that your quit. So, when people ask you where your from, you say “‘quit’ town”… people want to know what you’ve done, say “I ‘quit'”… people want to know what ethnicity you are~ say proud “I’m ‘quit-ish'”… people can’t figure out what that wonderful smell is, tell them……. “IT’S ‘QUIT’ BITCH!”

Like brothers you all have been here for me and although I may not see you every day on the journey ahead I’ll hold my head high whenever I think of the KTC clan.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member insanegraphx

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