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Bacc-Off Mocha Review

Bacc-Off MochaI saw an announcement recently on the Bacc-Off website that they’d come out with new flavor to add to their product offering – Bacc-Off Mocha.  I reached out to the fine folks at Bacc-Off and I’m thrilled to bring you a review of their latest offering.

Generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of coffee flavored fake dips.  It’s weird cause I love coffee and tea but for some reason I’m more of a traditionalist when it come to my dip flavors.  That being said, this is a great addition to the Bacc-Off lineup.

The look, feel and texture of this new Mocha flavor is similar to other Bacc-Off products (see my review of their other flavors here).  The Mocha variation seems to be not quite as moist as other flavors, but it still stays together nicely with minimal “float”.  I tried this both right up front as well as with my chew tucked way back in my mouth and even though it was a bit on the dry side for my tastes it wasn’t falling apart – that’s a very good thing.

What really sets this apart is the aroma and taste.  As soon as you open the can you get a great smell of coffee and chocolate.  If you’re looking for a departure from your traditional dip flavors (wintergreen, mint, etc.) this is definitely a nice choice. Ingredients include coffee and tea and those flavors really come through.  If you’re not a coffee / chocolate fan you’re not going to like this one.  If you are it’s right up your alley.

As with other Bacc-Off products spitability and longevity of this chew are very good. Produces a good amount of saliva in a nic dark color.  Mocha flavor lasts the entire chew which I left in for between 15 and 30 minutes during my trials.

The new Mocha flavor has already been added to the Bacc-Off website. At this time, Mocha is NOT available in pouch format, but I’m guessing it will be in the future.  You can find Bacc-Off on the web at  Use coupon code “KTC” on checkout and save 10% off your entire order!

Special thanks to Russell for providing samples for me to try and review.  Don’t forget to check out our other smokeless alternative reviews (including reviews of other Bacc-Off products).

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Have you tried Bacc-Off Mocha?  Send us a review and we’ll get it added to the site!

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