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  1. FINALLY was able to order some Tough Guy Chew, they make an Herbal Tea/nic/tobacco free blend & have 4 flavors, WG, Cinnamon, Lemon, & Orange. The WG was OK & the Cinnamon was a little better than the WG, but not too impressed. But man, the Orange & Lemon flavors are OFF THE HOOK, AWESOME. The Orange tastes & smells like an orange peel, I love it. The lemon is very similar as far as it tastes like it smells. The price is pretty middle of the road, around $5 a can, S & H was free with a code. Here’s the issue, the product is rarely in stock, ever. The site keeps saying they are having equipment issues? Tough Guy teamed up with the Outlaw dude, the guy made famous from his You Tube channel. So the product is in high demand. But the lack of product is concerning. Hooch has been my favorite fake dip, TG is giving it a serious run for it’s $$$$$$

  2. Has anyone tried black buffalo? Came across it online today, very few reviews but they all seemed to be good. They have mint, WG, straight, and peach is coming out soon, they also have pouches. Seems a bit pricey at 6 bucks a can with a 2 can minimum. Just trying to get some insight before I give it a try! Thanks!

  3. Chewie… searching through websites tonight and came across another new alternative (Whitetail Chew). Same type of alternative as (Elicit, Triumph, Fully Loaded) where it is offered in 3 levels of Nicotine strength (100/50/0). Only 2 flavors (Wintergreen & Mint). I haven’t tried any new items for some time now, but I wanted to make sure I continued to reach out since this site helped me quit! Hope you reach out to the new company… look forward to your review!

    • Thanks man – I’d seen them before but I didn’t realize they had a nic-free version. Will check it out.

    • I’d be interested in a review as well. I know they used to have more flavors, but now they only have Wintergreen and Mint. It is an impressive looking can.

  4. There’s another fake dip on the market called Fully Loaded, they offer different levels of tobacco too like Elicit. They have a zero tob/nic version called Bullseye, I ordered a few cans.

  5. I see theres whitetail smokeless and fully loaded chew. Non tobacco, different levels of nicotine. Maybe review those?

  6. Any heard of Tough Guy chew? It is like other chews in the regard they offer both tobacco/nicotine versions & herbal/tob-nic free products. The herbal flavors are black tea based & there are like 5 flavors. The only issue is they have a problem keeping their product in stock. I emailed them & they are working on getting more product. Will advise if I sample some.

    • Tough Guy is amazing. My favorite is the Lemon. I have 10 cans of Lemon, 2 cans of Wintergreen, and 2 cans of Cinnamon. They all taste amazing! Hold their taste for a long time. The spit is good, but to add a little bit more juiciness I sip a little water when I first put one in. Give them a try man.

  7. Looking for closest thing to Copenhagen snuff

  8. My son just gave me Black Buffalo straight long cut. It contains nicotine, so it is painless in that regard. Ordering wintergreen as it is what I normally chew. Hopefully it will allow me to cut back more easily moving towards quitting.

  9. I’m on 48 hours now. I wanna cave in, but yet I don’t. I need something similar to a long cut, mint, wintergreen, whatever. Just something that somewhat mimics the real thing. Smokey mountain is absolutely disgusting. It’s sticky, messy, and just simply sucks.

    I right now, more than anything, just miss something being in the pouch of my lip. I’m going nuts.

    • I’m right there with you man. Get on Amazon and grab green leaf organic mint pouches. They are working great for me. Good luck to you

    • Rodney stay strong I have been without chew for 8 days and honestly the first three days were the worst.

      • Good job and keep it up. I made it a little over a year and ended up caving in. My advice to you is to stick with the fake stuff for a few months at most but start phasing the fake stuff out too. The sooner the better. Eventually you will get to a point where you don’t need it or crave it. After a year it will sneak back into your mind. But be stronger than me. I’m ordering fake dip tonight and quitting again when it arrives.

        Good luck. You can do it.

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