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Buddy Mac HOF Speech – Thanks Guys!!!


Wow, Hall of Fame!!! To be honest I never doubted I would get here, THIS TIME. I made the HOF in February 2012 quit group, but I never really made it all the way, if you know what I mean. Back then I believe I was quitting out of fear and for other people. I wasn’t truly doing it for myself. So I made it to 140+ days and then I caved, once for about 3 minutes. The funny thing is, is that night is when I think my quit truly took hold. I was literally up all night thinking about what I was going to tell Mcarmo44. I had many other quit brothers in FU but I was sick to my stomach worried about what Mcarmo would think. In my mind something changed right there. You see at the time I didn’t even really know Mcarmo. I mean we traded text every day but other than that nothing, and let me be clear that not knowing him or any other FU brother better was totally my fault. What I felt that night was accountability to myself and Mcarmo. I had began holding myself accountable, so I text Mcarmo and he was understandably pissed at me. I came to work, logged on to KTC and posted day 1 in July 2012 and tried to explain what had happened to them and February 2012. Once I took the hell storm for a day or so, everything was different.

I was now a retread, a caver, a disappointment but I knew in my heart this time was the last time. I truly believe I caved for a lot of reasons. First and foremost I caved because I stopped posting roll. I know that now. I need the accountability of this site, I need my brothers on this site and I need this site. I cannot do this on my own; however the good thing is, I don’t want to do this on my own. I want to get Wedge’s text. I want to talk to Mcarmo; I want to look at Kub’s avatar. I want the brotherhood of KTC and I want to stay quit. I want it for me now. I am quit for me. I love my wife and daughters but I am quit for me.

So now I am a Hall of Famer in July 2012. I am very proud to say that, and man what a group it is. Bunch of rock star quitters in here and I honestly don’t know all of you as well as I would like. I know this group much better than my previous but I would like to know you even better. So I have a promise for all my July brothers, I will spend the rest of my life getting to know you better. I know we quit one day at a time on KTC, but I swear I will post day 200 and day 2000 and so on. I would really like to continue to get to know everyone on KTC more and more. What a great site!!!!

Okay on to the “Thank You”. First let me say there are too many to thank by name and I know I will forget someone but I will try to hit the highlights.

Mcarmo: Thank you man. I wish so much that I would have taken more time to get to know you and others in FU earlier. However I know you now better than I did then and words aren’t there for how much it meant for you to stand by me. I could say so much more, but mainly Thank you. You stood by me, and I truly believe that even though I caved that you never left my side. Without you I don’t think I would be quit today. Thank you brother!!!!!

Wedge: What do I say to you man. You are rock solid in your quit and tireless in your effort to help others. You are an inspiration man. When I hit the July 2012 group you were there to let me know if I was serious that you had my back, and you have done just that the past 100 days. Can’t ever express in words the gratitude I have towards you. You are a brother, Thank you Wedge.

Kubrick, Chitownus: Thanks for the texts and all your support.

Tarp: Thank you sir for challenging me to post with THE GUARD for my first 100 days. I did and am grateful for your help.

Coach Steve, DW3, Bruce, and Roamcountry: Thanks for your support…

Like I said, I know I missed many of you. Thanks to this site and the people that run it. You are all heroes. I thank you for your effort and thank you for giving me my new life…….
Now, let’s get to quitting!!!!!!!!

Buddy Mac

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Buddy Mac

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