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Nip The Grip – RAW

Nip RAWI received a message the other day from Lee Lewis who is the owner and founder of Nip The Grip –  I could tell right away that Lee was excited and after a few moments I understood why.  Nip is ready to go to market with a new addition to its product lineup… Nip RAW.

Just as with their ICE flavor, this RAW version is very different than other alternatives on the market as it’s made from natural sea sponge.  It has the same “energy boost” that the ICE flavor does, it comes in the same package and also has the added infusion of Vitamin B-12 and caffeine that their original product contains.

RAW has a great smell upon opening the can, but it’s definitely very different from ICE.  This is a great thing in my book.  Many of the alternatives out there have several flavors, but often times they taste very similarly.  Here, there’s no mistake that this is a new flavor.  I’m getting a bit of “whiskey” smell, but that may just be me (cause I’m a big whiskey fan 😉 )

Just as with Nip ICE, this product is still VERY juicy.  In fact, the juiciness is one of the things I look for and absolutely love in these products.  It’s still here… bravo guys!  Aside from the moistness of the product, the flavor is very nice though it’s tough for me to place / compare to something else.  It still has that wintergreen / mint flavor coming through, but just barely.  It’s got a nice “warm” flavor to it and definitely will not be confused with Nip ICE.  I suppose if I had to say which real brand it reminds me of, I’d have to go with Skoal Straight or Classic.

It may have been in my mind, but RAW seemed to be a bit “softer” than its predecessor.  This may be because I haven’t had too much fake dip lately, but this seemed to be not quite as “harsh” as ICE.  Perhaps it is due to a different kind / batch of the natural sea sponge?  Merely a guess…

My initial impressions, pros and cons all hold true from my original Nip The Grip review.  If you haven’t yet, please head over and check it out.

Nip Energy Dip is still a non-traditional but definitely a nice alternative.  If you’re already a fan of the company you should definitely check this one out.  It’s got a nice straight / classic flavor profile that really sets it apart from other alternatives on the market.  Nip RAW will be available in August on their website at

I’d like to offer a special thanks to Lee Lewis for providing samples for me to review.  Don’t forget to check out our other smokeless alternative reviews.

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Have you tried Nip RAW?  Send us a review and we’ll get it added to the site!

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