2012 HOF Speeches

CJ’s HOF Speech – The Battle Rages On

cjorrico24 avatarI first want to thank Wedgie and CMark. I ‘tried’ quitting a few times, even visited this website. However, it wasn’t until Wedgie and CMark on chat forced me to post roll… Accountability!!!

100 days for me is just the beginning. Like all of you, I am an addict. In my nic warped mind, dip represents my youth, baseball, college, friends, fishing…you get the point. The minute that tobacco is in my lip there is a few minutes of bliss where the mind takes you back to when things were not so complicated. However, its bullshit and its a facade.

So like all of you, I am accountable now. Everyday I make the choice to rid myself of a false comfort. I make the choice to live healthy.

I do stress that this day is no different than the last or the next. There will be more temptations, cravings, etc. Accountability. I look forward to the next challenge… tomorrow.

The Battle Rages On.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member cjorrico24

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