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I don’t understand why some people are so excited to quit until they find out they have to actually put a small amount of work? And some people don’t know how to quit, so we lay out the roadmap to success, yet they toss it in the backseat and take the next left in hopes of finding a landmark?

Let’s compare, in order of effort output…

  1. You have a can, but you need to get up to find a spit bottle.
  2. You need gas, so you run into the store while the car is filling up, fork over cash.
  3. On your way home from work/shopping/errands/etc, you don’t need gas, but you still need to run in and grab a can, fork over cash.
  4. Saturday morning, no can. Drive x minutes to closest gas station, fork over cash.
  5. Land in strange city. Drive around looking for gas station that sells your brand, possibly getting lost or spending a significant amount of time, fork over cash.
  6. 3am, night of a holiday, drive from location to location trying to find an open store, fork over cash.

To attain: 10 min high, stress relief, cancer, etc.


After spending 5 min registering for free website

  1. Get up in the mornin, post roll, free of charge.
  2. Get to work, post roll, free of charge.
  3. Internet down, send text to friend, free or .10 cents max.
  4. Camping/driving/not at home, send text to friend, free or .10 cents max.
  5. Craving badly, make phone call or exchange 20 texts, free or $2 max. Or jump in chat on website. Or read random items on website…..free of charge.
  6. Not at home, no cell service. Drive 15 minutes or hike for 15 minutes to find reception. Free to $1 including gas.

To attain: life of quit, save money, save your life/health.

When you break down the necessary finances, time, and all out effort required, which do you think is easier? Obviously, some of you like to do things the hard way because you choose to put more effort into dipping. Someone please point out where my logic or math is wrong. I kind of surprised myself at how obvious this was after I was finished. I’m thinking I left something out?

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member klark

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