Hall of Fame Speeches – What They Are and Why We Do It

Hall of Fame KTC 6


As you approach your 100th day of being quit, it is important that you seriously consider putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, and create your Hall of Fame speech!

What is a Hall of Fame speech you ask? It is different for every person. Some take the opportunity to recap their journey, from being a slave to nicotine to being free. Others thank the people who have been instrumental in helping them successfully beat their addiction. We thank our friends and families, our quit brothers and sisters. Still, others incorporate it all into one.

There is no set format, no rules to follow, no mold to fill. This is your chance to express your feelings and mark your 100th day of being free from smokeless tobacco! It truly is a great milestone and you deserve to commemorate it!

We all look forward to reading yours! You can find all previous Hall of Fame speeches here!

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