Community CommunityThe Community is a vital part of a successful quit. It’s important to know that you are not going through this alone. You have others out there that are dealing with the same things that you are. While you may not be able to talk to a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend about what you’re dealing with, everyone in the KillTheCan Community knows what it is to quit dipping.

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  1. Hi I’m Ryan i started chewing when i was 12 and i am now 18 with a 3 month old son and i’m trying to quit chewing and just don’t know what the hell to do i chew 3 cans a day because i feel so damned stressed but i want to quit.

    • You’re in the right place Ryan – you are NOT alone and you CAN do this. If you haven’t yet I’d urge you to check out our forums at As of today we’ve got over 28,000 members that “get it” because we’ve all been right where you are. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered from real quitters.

  2. Great site guys,, I started long leaf off and on when I was 5 yrs old, yea 5!!!, neighbor would give me a single leaf to roll up and chew on. Got heavy into Skoal in my teens (can a day for 30 yrs) now 44 and am 1 month clean!!.. Tried to quit before so wanted to wait a month till I posted. The fog was total sh*t, but has lifted (I thought fog, yea right, well it’s real and I quit cutting firewood for a week because of it, didn’t want to lose a leg), my mouth has cleared after some initial canker sores which showed up a couple days after I quit. Dentist cleared me as good to go. Totally digging the fake dip which has helped a lot. I miss the buzz but slamming the coffee.. I just wish I could go back in time with Marty Mcfly and Doc, and give my 5 yr old self some horse manure to chew on instead.. keep up the good fight!!!

  3. Chewie,

    Good article but u sure the fog will ever lift? I’m 5 days off the stuff and have it beat so badly in my mind but my body doesn’t wanna accept it! My fog is awful, I almost just fell over standing at the urinal. I drive at like 15-20 mph cause I’m afraid I’m just gonna stop paying attention since nothing seems real anyways

  4. I’m Bowe. Started when I was 17. I turn 38 in June. AND that makes me in the June Platoon! There has to be some sort of celebration in June, two holidays. I was laying in bed at 4am this morning and realized I don’t want to have a big dip in my mouth when I am forty something. So 21 years. I did stop for a week in college, but stress got to me. I can’t believe how supportive this place has been. I’m actually having an encouraging discussion with Swanson, right now. I’m hearing the things I read from a real person. It has been almost 12 hrs. I heard that tomorrow and the next day are going to be hell. Ok, I’m ready.

  5. Is anyone else planning on quitting this week or has recently stopped? I need someone else to talk with about this. I am going to do it but it feels so overwhelming. vandengrey

  6. 17+ year user, just ordered all kindsa tins from Hooch, Grinds, and Elicit. Thank you very much for making this community available for guys like me, that need a little info/support while trying to kick this nasty habit. Got my first kid on the way, don’t want to do anything selfish anymore to risk my health.

  7. first day quitting fellas feeling good about it

  8. I can’t get on either, MAY QUIT GROUP MIKE70- DAY 67-

  9. Are the boards down for everyone else too?

  10. Hey I was at 130 days or so, but the counter seems to be gone, any help?

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