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CTF HOF: No More

No MoreOne hundred + days. What a great feeling to be here. This by far has been my longest period of time away from chewing tobacco since I started this stupidity all those years ago. One word sums is up (in my biggest Ric Flair Voice):  Whooooo!

I would first like to thank @Keith0617 and @AwakenedOne for keeping me on the path. Not always did I agree with the methods but obviously I agree with the outcome and you two gentlemen, your words of wisdom ring true. I would also like to acknowledge my brothers in quitting: The September Slayers. We aren’t the most vocal group but a dedicated one to quitting and thanks bfor posting with me each and everyday. I would like to than our conductors @Thedumbox and @Thefranks5  for helping us celebrate our accomplishment(s) and pass on some old guy wisdom and a laugh of two. Lastly I have to thank the WIFE for being on this journey with me. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the patience and kindness you have shown me during this time in order to support me through this transitional phase. The smile on your face celebrating those small weekly milestones every Friday mean the world to me.

To those who may read this trying to figure out how I did it or looking for some secret sauce to success. To you I would just offer this one thing that everything else will be connected to help you get through these difficult times. This one thing isn’t moving to the fake stuff or drinking a ton of water or even the sacred posting your quit everyday (though that is very important). It’s finally coming to the realization that chewing is slowly killing you. That your gums and tongue are screaming for a break and your mind and body will be better without a dip regardless of whatever false safety blanket nicotine is trying to tell you.  All of this can be summed in one simple phrase: No More. No more do you need chew. No more do you need to sneak off to get your fix or drive to the convenience store to pick up your next can.  No more are you scraping the bottom of a can just to get that last little but out or dealing with disgusting chew spit bottles or cans rolling around in your car or being spilled on your floors. No more are you hiding it only to feel the guilt and shame when your wife, child, family member or friend realize you are chewing.

Just say no more and take a daily step towards freedom and away from the addiction of nicotine.  That daily accountable contract with yourself allows you to post in roll claiming not today. No more wards off those times when you have real cravings or phantom mind tricks/ dreams nicotine plays in order to get you to come back. No more allows your mouth to heal and your teeth whiten. No more let’s you take your life back and hopefully, God willing, let you live a day or many longer because nicotine will kill you.

Just get your mind straight and say no more. It’s really that simple.

Finally, thank you to everyone who took the time to read this and I hope that today you stand tobacco free with me.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member CTF

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