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Drome at 1,000 – I Evin Got Out the Spell Checker For It

Comma Here OftenHay man you guys I busted out the spell checkers for this so loot don’t get all confused and bitch bout my spellings. So man if you checked out the calendar you probably seen I got 1,000 days quit today. Well I’m hear to tell you that’s a shit ton more days then I ever quit afore and I owe a ton a debt to those guys and gals what came afore me here and specially those ones what stay round long after they hit the hall. And that goes for the quitters what came here after me to. So man with that in mind I figured it was time to try and put what wisdom I can remember down in one place.

Atomic fire balls are like magic to me. I bet in my first 50 days hear I must a had probably 500 a those things cause every time I felt like having a dip man I wood pop one in my mouth. First off cause I tried using fake stuff afore to fight the oral fixations but it all ways led to turning back to the bitch. Second man those things burn so what started out as a 15 fire ball a day habit became 10 then 5 then I quit using um all together. So find what works for you and use it.

Journal/embrace the suck. Some days just suck donkey dicks. Rite it down so you can remember it. Stick it in your intro thread. Dip dreams. Foggy days. Days you want to tare off the bosses head and shit on it for no reel reason. Some days the boss disserves it but other days the bitch is just messing with your head. Those are the days you rite down. May be some buddy comes along and gives you some encouraging words. May be some where down the line some buddy reeds it and it helps them. May be your having a shitty day and need to reed it again. May be if you just rite bout it its like your own therapy. What ever. Just rite it down. Craves happen. Rite down how you fight um. May be it helps some buddy else. May be it helps you next crave. When you no you can beet the craves your quit is stronger.

Tomorrow. Man I must a rote volumes bout tomorrow hear. This hears mostly to those folks what are thinking bout quitting but ain’t made the leap yet. Tomorrows just an other excuse for not quitting. Every quitter on this site probably said at one time ‘I’m going to quit ________’ and you fill in the blank. Tomorrow. On my birthday. When I get married. When my kid is born. For new years. Rite after I finish this can. Man there all lies we tell our selves. Well man some thing comes up and we put it off. Till tomorrow. Only tomorrow never comes. So man I turned that to my vantage. I can have a dip tomorrow to celebrate what a good quitter I am. So man I’ll wake up in the morning and say well its not tomorrow so I cant have a dip. And now I got the nic bitch on her heels and I’m in control.

Post up roll all over the place. Man I forgot who it was what lit in to my ass some time after I hit the hall. I think it was that TCOPE but man if it wasn’t some buddy let me no. But any ways man I was just posting up roll in my quit group every day not thinking bout nothing else. Well man he lit in to me good bout how I should be posting up with the new quitters and how my work wasn’t done just cause I made the hall. And man there was all kinds a reel good points he made wile reaming me and some others a new hole. Any ways I took it to hart and started posting up most days in all the quit groups above the line. I also decided to find some older quit groups to post up in. Since I was in feb 2009 I figured that I wood start with old feb groups. Well man back in the feb 2007 group there was just billybrew man and he was talking to his self and may be going a bit crazy to. So man I started posting up with him. And man khasenfeffer over to feb 2008 was pretty much on his own to but he wasn’t going crazy like billy man. So I figured with some early interventions may be I could help him keep going nuts to. Now man I’m not asking any buddy to post in all the quit groups every day. But man I think the vets owe it to the new guys to post above the line often. I think the new guys owe it to the vets to find a old quit group or to or three and post up there to. The more you post up the stronger your quit is cause your promise is to more quitters. And I believe you make others quit stronger to by going in and saying I’m hear and I’m going to hold your ass accountable to.

Quitting ain’t a race. Not to long ago I posted a quote in this thread that is all most exactly this. I ain’t never going to catch Big Brother Jack. Or chewy. Or loot. Or even justquit who quit like 10 days afore me. But man I ain’t going to quit quitting. I just need to beet the little nic bitch voice in my head what says to give up. And I do that by coming hear most days and posting up. I no that bitch is waiting for me to think my quit is so dam good I don’t need to come hear at all. Man I seen it happen to to many tuff ass quitters. By coming often here I stay vigilante in my quit.

That’s all I can think of rite now. I no as soon as I hit the submit post button a bunch a thing will hit me. And you no what? I’m going to rite um down.

And if your this hears your first reed thru a my thread – reed the hole dam thing. Its gold. Just ask any buddy what red it.

PS to loot – my spell checkers didn’t like screen names. But man spell checkers ain’t perfect.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Syndrome

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