Electronic Cigarette Use Among Working Adults

New York Times E-CigVaping. E-cigs. They’ve been been promoted as a smoking cessation aid however, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has concluded that current evidence is insufficient to recommend them for tobacco cessation among adults. Additionally, e-cigarettes are NOT an FDA-approved cessation aid. This report shows that in 2014, an estimated 5.5 million (3.8%) of 146 million U.S. working adults were current e-cigarette users. Additionally, the following percentages of current tobacco users use e-cigs IN ADDITION to their current tobacco of choice:

  • 16.2% of current cigarette smokers
  • 15.0% of other combustible tobacco users
  • 9.7% of smokeless tobacco users

The highest e-cigarette use prevalence was among workers in accommodation and food services (6.9%) industry, and among workers in food preparation and serving related occupations (6.8%). Doesn’t that make you feel good about the people serving you your food?

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