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Enough Was Enough, Day 101 and Counting….

KTC Logo PurpleHello, My name is Ryan. I was a faithful cope snuff dipper and honestly enjoyed it.

I have a little different twist to my quit.

I had been dipping cope snuff faithfully for five years+ easily. All my family wished I would stop….of course I need not say more, we all know the story….

Well I had been rolling around quitting cope for a few months but I knew it had to be my decision. I ended up searching for chew alternatives thinking I would give them a try, just to see. And I ran across this site. I was enthralled with everything and read just about every article and blog I could. Then I entered the live chat. People welcomed me and instantly I started getting questioned. I answered, and much to my my surprise I found a few members hostile to my answers.

See I never chewed because I “HAD TO”, I chewed because I “WANTED TO”!!

I was accused of being addicted and insulted for my “stupidity” and honestly it pissed me off enough to want nothing to do with this site. BUUUUT, there were about three people that really took time to listen to me and talk to me, not just assume and insult me. And it was CMARK that asked me a question that stuck with me.

“What does it do for you?”

So a little while later I logged off sat on my couch with my guitar and put a dip in and asked myself that question. As I sat there I couldn’t think of more than one answer. SO I went to the bathroom and flushed that can.

Jan 22, 2013 was my quit date. I have not had a withdrawal, I don’t know what the “fog” is. It wasnt hard. I put it down and told myself NO!!!!

I havent been the most faithful posting roll, however my quit group is always on my mind.

I really appreciate this site and what it does for people, and how it enables people to help people. My only regret in my quit is that I did not get more involved in my Group.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member rffivefive

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