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The Beginning of a Long Quit – Taking Back Time

KTC Logo Black WhiteI am 123 days into my last quit… ever. 123 days ago it was the middle of winter. I was stealing time from my family throughout the holiday season so I could be alone to enjoy a dip. This routine was a way of life by this point in my addiction. I started dipping full time in college around 1995/6 Pretty much every aspect of my life was centered around carving out opportunities to pack a dip. When I discovered KTC I discovered that the absurdity of my situation was not unique. I began to wonder how in the hell it got so out of control. I started adding up the time, the money and the health risks extrapolated out over 17/18 years and I got pissed… finally!

Being pissed off is a good motivator and KTC is a good place to capture that motivation and put it to work on getting quit for good. Getting to 100 days was not easy. Getting to 200 isn’t going to be easy either, but it is well worth doing.

For me the greatest gift of being quit is the time I have taken back. I can go to the park with my kids and not think twice about whether I would rather hang back at the house with a fat dip. Now I just go to the park and enjoy my time with them and my wife. There is a profound freedom in cutting lose from a habit like this.

Less tangible, but no less important, is the time I am surely adding to my life. Whether we want to admit it or not, the each dip is shaving years off our lives. It feels healthy to be quit. If feels good to strip away the guilt that comes with poisoning your body for so long.

I am happy to be where I am in my quit. KTC has helped me tremendously and I hope to be in a position some day to help someone else get their quit going for the last time.

Thanks KTC community and thanks Fog Cutters for supporting my quit!

-Drizz (APRIL 2013 HOF)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member drizz

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