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Go Coffee Energy Review – a Cup In a Pinch

Go Coffee EnergyI’m always on the lookout for another tool in the battle to quit dip.  I was thrilled to receive an email recently from a new player on the smokeless alternative scene – Go Coffee Energy.  It’s a new coffee energy product that is also a healthy tobacco alternative.  It is made from roasted coffee, honey from Midwest farms, and pure cane sugar. There are two different types for different preferences in texture and two flavors, original and mint. Each container holds 11 or 14 cups of coffee depending on which type is chosen. Containers used are made in US as is the product. You can find them on the web at

Initial Impressions

Go In The Can

I’m a big coffee fan (3-4 cups a day during the week) and I really loved the smell upon opening the product.  The mint variety had a bit of a chocolate smell which was nice.  This isn’t really an alternative to loose leaf tobacco or even dip / snuff for the matter.  I’d put it in the snus alternative category and it’s got that similar “hockey puck” look & feel when opening.  Not a problem once you understand what you’re sampling.  As such, there is no packing necessary (nor could you even if you wanted to).  Both flavors are nice, and provide outstanding spitibility though I did have a hard time getting it out of the tin.

Coarse Regular

Go Sample PackNice coffee flavor here that actually does provide a nice little pick me up.  This is quite literally coffee in your mouth, so you’re getting the same caffeine boost that you would from drinking a cup.  I do have to say that this is a rather “harsh” chew.  If you can imagine dipping coffee grounds you’ve got it spot it.  Which makes sense cause that’s exactly what you’re doing.   I had a sample pack of this (a single chew packet) so I didn’t have to dig into the tin to get the product out.

Fine Regular

I wasn’t quite sure I felt or saw the difference between the coarse and the fine before I popped this one in.  However after I put it in I sure did.  This one “floats” the way fine cut Copenhagen used to.  I was a long cut guy, so this definitely wasn’t for me.  This one produces a TON of saliva.  I’m not sure if it was that the product was so fresh / moist or if it was cause there was so much floating around my mouth.  I quite literally felt like a rookie chewer with this stuff in my mouth.  Great coffee flavor but I just couldn’t hang. I took it out after a few minutes and had to rinse my mouth to get all the floating bits.  As I said, I’m not a “fine cut” guy, but I don’t think I’ll be returning to this one.  This is definitely a “front lipper” for me.

Fine Mint

I followed up my Fine Regular experiment / failure with Fine Mint.  I was intrigued and interested to try the mint version.  As I said earlier, this has a nice minty smell with chocolate overtones, but it’s still clearly a coffee product.  Most of the mint flavors go away once I popped it in, but there is still minty “aftertastes” which is very nice.  I put this one up front rather than in my typical side spot and it held together MUCH better.  The longer I had it in the more “float” issues I had, but I was really able to enjoy this one.

Coarse Mint

Go SlidAs you’d expect, this has the exact same flavor as the Fine Mint but it holds together much better.  I’d have to say this was probably my favorite.  I was able to move this one back to my typical side spot with minimal float issues.  I’m learning that this product is more like having a plug in that a dip.  Very interesting.  Keep in mind that I was never a “snuser” but I’m guessing this is what the snus experience would be like.  Interesting note that this tin was sitting on it’s side in my desk drawer and when I opened it it had slid down.  While it looked kind of funky, this actually made it much easier to get out of the tin and to work with as it was essentially “pre-packed”.

The Pros

  • Outstanding spitibility.
  • Good caffeine pick me up.
  • Long lasting coffee flavor.

The Cons

  • This is a coffee product.  If you don’t like coffee, you won’t like this.
  • Harsh chew that floats if you’re not careful.
  • More of a snus alternative than a “fake dip”.


This is another coffee product where you’re actually brewing the coffee in your mouth.  To me this is awesome.  If you don’t like coffee you’re probably not going to like this and if you’re looking to go to sleep you won’t want the added caffeine that this product WILL give you.  However, if you’re a coffee fan you’re going to love Go Coffee Energy from the first sample.  Outstanding flavor, even better spitibility and with the exception of my Fine Regular test they were all nice long chews.

Special thanks to Kosta from Go Coffee Energy for providing me samples to try and review.

If you want to get some (and help out KTC in the process) order from Amazon!

GO Coffee Energy Chew/Gel – GO! Coarse Original Flavor – Coffee You Eat – Energy, Weight Loss, Tobacco Alternative – 14 Servings per Tin

Go Coffee Energy can be found on the web at

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Have you tried Go Coffee Energy?  Contact us and we’ll add your review to the site!

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  1. I have read the above comments and thought the same thing. You will want to put it a packet so that it’s easier to take out of the can and for the dirty fingers reason. It could double as a single serve coffee drink as well. You could drop one in a cup of hot water in a pinch “no pun intended.” That way you could reach a much broader audience. Flavors I can think of off the top of my head would be hazelnut, pumpkin, peppermint, and espresso for those hardcore guys. This would allow you to open up your distribution channel and market the product to many more retail outlets. Just a thought.

    1. Jeffrey, Thank you for your comments. We always value them. Packets are something we are not fond of unless they are edible and natural. We do have something in the works for that crowd worried about their fingers and more appealing to the ladies… though we do have some women buyers. They love the taste and what it does for them. When we come full circle we may be doing a new spin on how drinking coffee is done. Currently we feel eating it with our natural ingredients fits better with the crowd busy living life and those challenging themselves to excel. We currently have a broader reach than probably anybody else with such a crossover product; spa, luxury food markets, gas station convenience stores, liquor stores, bars, and kiosks. Our reach will grow as we educate more and more people about GO! and break the negative stigma associated with putting your fingers in something and then into your mouth. The funny thing is that people do this all the time with mints, boxes of chocolates, and many candies. Thank you again for your view and opinions. GO! is evolving and it will continue to do so.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do the review Greg.

    Another benefit of GO! for those quitting nicotine, which has been pumping up your metabolism, is that the caffeine in GO! is more amplified because you are actually eating the bean. This effectively curbs hunger and speeds up metabolism in most people. Since we are all individuals we all react differently. This should offset part of the slowdown.

    We all know people who kicked nicotine but the habit of putting something in your mouth or having something there caused a serious weight gain. The slow down of metabolism and the unnecessary intake of more food is a double negative.

    We always appreciate feedback. There are other versions of GO! in the works and we will be getting something together this spring for Italy. The Italians love the taste and look but not getting their fingers dirty. We expected this and had planned to do something similar for the ladies.

    There will be a change in the non-dairy creamer we are using. Our goal is to make the healthiest energy product so this needed to be changed. We will make our own since we couldn’t find one the fit the bill and soy was not an option. It may be in one version in the future if enough people desire it but not in our base GO!.

    Best of luck to all of you battling with control. I hope we have given you a viable option that can help you in two ways.

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