11 Years of Freedom From Tobacco For KTC

11 Years KTC

On November 20th, 2017, KillTheCan.org celebrates the 11th anniversary of helping people break the bonds of their tobacco addiction! For a more than a decade now we’ve been quitting together. We post roll on a daily basis and experience a freedom that for some has been lost for 20 or 30 years. … Continue reading

Dip Free Hunting Season 2017 – Submit Your Pics

Bud 11.7.2017

For many former dippers, hunting season can be a difficult time of year with seasonal triggers especially if this is your first season after you quit dipping. Spending time in the woods waiting for that perfect deer (or bird or elk) to come into your sights doesn’t have to be difficult.  Realize this… You … Continue reading

Long Ball Round Tripper Red Licorice Review

Back in August I reviewed a new product called Long Ball Black Licorice. Long Ball is a new candy licorice made in Australia, created by Andre Chiavelli and is exclusively licensed by the Babe Ruth Family. I’m back tonight with a review of another flavor from Long Ball – Round Tripper Red … Continue reading

How To Get Here and What To Do Next

KTC Logo Red 300x300

First off, I thought I would share an example of How Not To quit on KTC. This was my first, and only post on KTC in January 2012: http://forum.killthecan.org/single/?p=1428342&t=1007872. This is an example of a check in, not posting roll, no commitment at all. I posted this without reading anything … Continue reading