2020 HOF Speeches

Grateful Humbled and Quit

Gratitude Definition

Thank You! I am Quit. I am free.

It has all been said. All you have to do is cruise through the Introductions and the Archives of this website and someone from somewhere has said it. Each quit is as unique as the individuals that make up this community. The pearls of wisdom throughout are hard earned. Conceived in the throes of withdrawal from an addicting drug that will never fully release the addict. This thing, Kill The Can dot org, is the threshing floor where lives are reclaimed, personal power is realized, reliance on kindred quitters is discovered, honor of word and promise are sacred and renewed daily, and the future is reduced to One Day At A Time.

I blogged my quit in the Introduction section, Day one. I found “Quitting” to be a very selfish process. It has to be. I received permission from the Vets (those long quit) to be selfish in this cause. I wrote what I felt and reflected on almost daily. I now go back through those musings and remember what was felt and the reality offered by walking away from canned death. It wasn’t easy, but oh so worth it. It was through the interaction of these writings I began to realize that maybe others saw some value in my demented thoughts and may be reading this stuff. The “likes” became affirming and almost like a pay day. The comments are always treasured and valuable. It also made me aware of progress, the days add up for all and forward motion away from nicotine takes on a synergy whose mass is comprised of the human spirit moving in a positive direction together one day at a time.

The initial compulsion to come here was only through God’s grace and mercy. I could not do it on my own. I had proven that over and over. Born in 1955, I am certain my addiction started in the womb. As kids we played on the construction sites gathering up the cigarette butts until we had enough for a smoke. Dad and Mom both smoked, Grandpa chewed. Dr.’s then recommended cigarettes for weight loss. BUT at some point I, and I alone, chose to put tobacco into my body, seriously and continuously at 12 or 13 years old. I turn 65 this June. So for 53 or 54 years, with maybe 5 years total quit during that time, I have been a slave to the NicoDemons. So 124 days ago, on my knees, I prayed for help. “Take this from me”. Web search, KTC shows up, 123 days later I am writing this HOF speech.  It isn’t over. Never will be. The addiction and all that goes with it is just one insignificant gesture away. One “Oh yeah why not”. One “just one”. WUPP’ing (Wake Up, Pee, Post) daily reminds me of Why not. I CANNOT miss muster. Remain viable. Remain quit. Do not let the commitment to Quit and each other fade.

If you have not quit here are some words from Day 71…
“If you are reading this and still sucking on DEATH…THINK, Please! You can be rid of IT. Spit it out, look at it, wait for one minute, now go for five minutes. Yeah? An hour…another hour? You are going to feel like crap, but you feel like crap now because you know you are killing yourself one dip at a time. Go rinse your mouth out, brush your teeth, get busy occupy your brain. Think about a chew? Look at the time, how long has it been? Wait another 5 minutes…A day? Read about what to expect on this site, be ready for it, know and celebrate each symptom, Nicotine will throw it all at you, but you are beating it or nic wouldn’t be throwing craves, fogs, shakes, rage, _______ at you. You got it beat at this point. You used to reward yourself with a mouthful of Cancer Death, Take a break, you deserve it, have another shot of Death. Now you can reward yourself with another day of Quit/Freedom/Life.

Post your word to KTC at the start, Day one. One Day At A Time. Give your Word, Be accountable to Brother and Sister Addicts, propping each other up against Nicotine, Standing tall together. Rant and Rave here. Learn. Read. Be QUIT”

I want to Thank Our Conductors for March 2020, @jsjohnson and @JJG009, for getting us through the Hall of Fame Process. It was extra work and greatly appreciated. I also want to Thank all of KTC that have been supporting March 2020 since the beginning. The beginning…those out of nowhere that contacted, shared digits, advice, encouragement and been there daily posting support, Thank You. KTC has an amazing process and it is the mutual support that underpins the QUIT of so many and allows access to and the maintenance of the continued freedom from nicotine. It is truly life changing. Whoever created this site and whoever keeps it going, I am forever in your debt. Thank you doesn’t seem to say it, but know that my life is better for your efforts, skill and commitment to this cause.

Grateful, humbled, wiser and Quit NNT, ODAAT, Proud To Be Quit With You Today

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member olcpo

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