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I Quit and So Can You

KTC PollWell where do i start. 100 days. Actually 101 days now. But it hasn’t been an easy 100 and i must say i couldn’t have done it without KTC.

Lets start off with a funny story shall we. 12 or so years ago was what i would consider the prime time of my sporting life. I raced motocross in the warm months, i hunted during the winter and fishing was the flex seal that filled all of the gaps. I used to fish it seemed almost daily. My buddy had a 1990s chevy monte carlo in that terrible forrest green that was stuffed with all of our fishing gear all of the time. So like any normal day of the week, he picks me up from school, (note hes 3 years older and went to another school across town) and we head out to our favorite little lake. But on this day, he turns 18. So we stop at the gas station and decide to be cool cats and he buys longhorn straight. Cheapest thing i think is why. Haha. So we throw in big ol honkers and vrrrrooommmm off we go. So its a straight shot 20 miles to the lake, and i mean straight, no curves no hills except one little town with a round about instead of a 4 way stop. At this point ive had my long horn in 15 minuts or so and we come up on the curve. Oh yeah, its about to get ugly. We hit that circle in at the 3 o clock position and before we made it to 12, we both turned green, im talkin a scene from the sandlot with the kids on the rides. About 11 o clock position is a parking lot, we hit that sum bitch and i swear the car was still moving when he put the shifter in P which that day stood for PUKE! Both of us are in the lot vomiting our sour patch kids and taco bell all over. We drive the rest of the way to the lake, when we get there my buddy giggles and says, well that was a terri–blegh! All over his steeringwheel before he could finish terrible idea. To sum up this long story, we both sat in the grass sick as dogs for a few hours and if i recall, we didnt even fish. Just went home defeated. My buddy learned something that day. Tobacco. Bad. Haha. Me, i thought i learned but somehow over the next few years it worked its way into my life.

Now i cant say for sure when or what or why i started. Its something that just kinda rolled in. I think if i had to pin it on something, it was my truck. I had just bought a 98 ram 3500 with the noisy, panty droppin, smoke rollin cummins diesel. And i suppose part of me said well im catagorized as a country boy, i suppose i oughta learn to like chew. Now given i had this truck, my buddy goes and buys a bass boat so we can get on the lakes instead of around them. And it was on, we did every tournament within 5 hours of us for a few summers. And i mean every one. We were sure we were going to go pro. Dressed the part, talked the part, and fished the part. Except for one part. Being on the road and standing on a boat all day let that nic bitch take over me. Every tournament was 2 cans for the day and the third was left in the truck for the ride there and back. I was done. “Hooked” ha, see what i did there?

For years i chewed non stop despite knowing it was looked down upon. I met my wife and didnt even have to hide it or change because her father and grand father were full time chewers. Slowly my wife began to open up and express how she wished i would quit, i told her i would try but i really dont think i ever meant it.

The awakening. My wife and i had been trying for kids and it just wasnt happening. 3 months, ehh no big deal, takes time and good timing. 6 months. Hmm. Better try harder. 1 year. She gets tested and comes back fertile myrtle. She says i want you to go and get tested. Ugh fine. Ill deploy some soldiers for a test. So i go and get my results. Not so good. After alot of testing the doc says its the amount of chew. Its chew or kids is what im told but with no gaurentee even after i quit, i will build back up. Devestated i explain to the wife that im quitting. Im done. If it can do this to me, then clearly the cancer thing is no joke either. I tried many times to quit from august 2019 to november 2019. I just couldnt kick the bitch to the curb. It was always, just one little pinch will suffice for a few days. That turned into, ok just one more for the weekend. Those lies were what i told the bitch. But she knew id come back on monday. And i did. Now my story isnt quite as wowing as many others and quite frankly finding KTC was nothing exciting in this story. I was simply searching ways to help me quit. And theres KTC. I join up and i wont lie, i struggled to figure out how to use the site and almost just said hell with it. But the march mofos did not let me. I cant honestly remember who called me, it was a veteran who i dont recall his name or username. But he called and asked why i was miq that day. I said the sites too much for me. Im too busy. 2 hours later hes got me all trained up on what im doin and tells me his story and reassures me this site and all involved will keep me quit. He was right. I cant thank the mofos enough for keeping me here. Yes i lead a busy busy life, and at times its hard to find the time to hop on the site to post. Believe me when i say its the first thing i think of every morning now. But usually it sits in the back of my mind waiting for a few seconds to hop on and post. Ive been guilty of being late and for those of you new guys and gals reading this asking will somebody reach out to me? Oh yeah! With vengance! Dont you dare mess up the count, because we are all in this together! Im not sure whats most rewarding, knowing you quit, or knowing your whole crew quit.

I want to wrap this up in short by thanking my whole march mofos crew! Heres to the next 100! For those of you who are new to the quit, just wait till its out of your system, its a tough process to get there, i wont lie, but you’ll feel 10 years younger. I promise!

Stay quit!
Tyler, aka Deeretech923

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Deeretech923

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  1. Today is day 10 and still grave the can,I’m a welder at My Father in laws shop Harlan Bast welding and my brother in law dips and I dipped Cop,for 40 years but I just want to say this site helps alot and being an active member in A.A for 25 years I treat this addiction like I do my alcohol addiction,one day at a time, haven’t drank for 25 years for me that’s a good thing,1 is to many and a 1000 isent enough and I turn it over to my higher power Whom I call my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ every day, I have been using Smokey mountain herbal snuff and that helps in morning and after I eat,soon I’m going to stop that,Thank all of you for this site it does help and do it cuz your worth it.Billyj

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