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Gunner26 – Thank You…

Gunner26 avatarFirst off I just wanted to say I wrote a little rant on my introduction page and then realized I sounded like a little b****…. If anyone read it please disregard… I edited it and it’s gone!

So here we go my journey thus far…entered into the hall of fame and let me say I respect this… I respect this like a respect my wife and 3 wonderful children. I will not bring shame to this hall! One day at a time…that’s my word to all of my quit brothers and sisters here at KTC.

Started this journey off like a deer in the headlights… Like I mentioned in my intro page I joined back in July I think and I just lurked around and then left, content with my addiction… Yes I did write content because I was… It was a part of me and I thought I enjoyed it (addict thinking) anyways came back in December because I was doing a lemonade cleanse (don’t ask) and I wanted to be as pure as possible… Had a chew a day and then I was scheduled for a dental implant (nothing to do with chewing) so I said well I am not going to be able to chew while that’s healing, so by the grace of god I found my way back to KTC… Don’t even remember how…just did.The rest in history!

During these first 100 days I have had my ups and my downs there is no doubt about that but I gave my word day in day out… Missed 2 days in that 100 and that pisses me off… Can’t remember why I even missed them. I am proud but I know this is just the beginning and again I respect the fact that she will be lurking and looking for a moment, an incident, a tragedy anything where she can tempt my will. I know this, bottom line…she will and does appear that’s her job.

Thanks to all the vets that gave me words of encouragement and words of expertise…there are to many to list. Except one, I don’t even remember the day it started but all of a sudden this vet just started coming back day in day out to say hey… I quit with you today. It came to the point where every day I looked for that vet and his support… Checked the list and then checked it again, oh good there it is “quit with Gunner today” or something like that.. He was like my dad and I was there looking for his approval. To all you vets I don’t know if it helps everyone but it sure is hell helped me. So thanks to my SOLID supporter throughout… Keddy it meant  a lot…thanks again.

Here’s to another day quit…that’s all I need, one day at a time…Cheers.
Nuff Said.
Gunner26 out!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Gunner26

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