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Thanks For The Support – God, Family and F&*(ING Disgusting

JWorton avatar1. I first have to thank God for he truly is responsible for all things that happen in my life. I thank him for the power and strength to quit and not making me have to suffer through cancer to make me realize that I was poisoning myself. For him I will try to lead others to this site.

2. To my wife who never quit asking me to quit dipping through 14 1/2 years of marriage. I thank you for never giving up and and always caring about our future.

3. To each of my boys who every day told me that I used drugs, who asked me to quit, and who have shown me through 4 state wrestling titles, numerous all-star baseball game appearance, straight A’s and good grades that if you try hard enough you can make it happen. You guys were the will power and goal setters. Thanks for your support.

4. To those on this site, past HOF’ers, current quitters, and newcomers – thanks for the support. The HOF’ers who have kept this site going – thanks. I could not have done this so easy without the daily commitment, the knowledge that you all brought, and the support of people’s posts day in and day out. Those currently going through the quit – each day seeing you start gives people ahead of you reason to keep going. Your early posts put us in a lead from the front role that makes you keep going. Thanks fellows.

Thanks to all!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member JWhorton

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