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HOF – 100 Days

KTC Poll110 days ago or so I was planning my quit. We were about to go on vacation for a week and I would not be have access to chew, even though I was a ninja dipper and I would have found a way around that. But I got caught again by the wife and the fight this time was different and something inside of me clicked, I was going to quit for good this time. I think I bought and dumped out two or three cans of chew that day before I got online and stumbled across KTC and started to read. I dumped my last can out that night, signed up and never looked back.

I probably wouldn’t have made it ten days without this site but here I sit at 100. Thank you everyone for the help. Just coming in here, posting roll and reading how everyone else is struggling to get beyond this crap makes every day a little easier.

Thank you
With all of September 16

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Gibbsy26

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