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Prohunter HOF Speech

KTC Logo BlueIt is hard to wrap my mind around 100 days nic free, after 25 years of dipping it had really become part of my identity, but enough is enough and as we get older, hopefully we get wiser and that’s the case with my quit. At 100 days today it feels like I am 2 personalities, one that is the addict and it seems like an eternity since my last dip, and then there’s the new me, the one that feels like just yesterday I quit and can so vividly remember the terrible fog, headaches and moodiness that I experienced. 100 days free is not easy, for those who achieved it already, and for those that are on their way to it, Congratulations because it really is an amazing thing.

I have attempted to quit in the past, mostly feeble attempts to prove to myself that I could, 3-4 days and back to the can, patting myself on the back because I proved I could quit. Over the 4th of July this year, the wife and I were vacationing at the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming and I ran out of dip, for the life of me I don’t know how I didn’t have a backup, but I didn’t. Panicked, I came up with a story that we would “take a drive” down the mountain sightseeing and this would get me close to town, from there I could make up an excuse to go into town and get a can. This trip ended up taking the better part of the day to complete and I was disgusted with myself, this started the wheels in motion to quit. Fast forward to September and I was doing some research on fake chew and found Smokey Mountain on Amazon and ordered it, September 14th UPS brought me the first can, I opened it, spit out the Cope and put in a SM pinch and enjoyed it, I flushed the open can of cope and started my quit. On September 15th I officially joined KTC, I had been reading on the site prior but decided to make it official, which was quite honestly a lifesaving decision because I am sure I would have washed out if not for this site and the people on it.

So this HOF speech I really want to make about the people that pushed, pulled and supported me to be quit and there are plenty of people to thank:
First off, thank you Chewie for the site, it is an inspiration and a beacon of hope for any nic user.

There are 2 guys that reached out on the first days and gave me support and never stopped with the support to this day, all I can say is you guys are truly awe inspiring men that I probably owe my life too. So, thank you FishFlorida and RDB1972 for everything you have done and continue to do. I would be remiss if I forgot to mention and thank Chickdip as well, she picked me up a little later, but has still been instrumental and inspirational in my quit.

On that note they say you should not only get support, but give it as well. At first, the thought of trying to give support to new quitters was hard to imagine, after all I was new to the quit as well, but advice was taken to heart and I started to give support to new quitters. To anyone who questions this advice, please reconsider because I truly believe that giving support really supercharges your quit to a new level, aside from posting roll, the support roll was and is the most powerful motivator to my quit. I hate disappointing people and that made me fight harder for my quit because I didn’t want to let these people down. So I want to thank these people who allowed me to support them:

Aaron2012(the first new quit I picked up, and a special boy..lol), Adarmstrong, Harvestgirl, Dieselchick, Jpquit, Stewy, ViceDawg, Wildbirds, Killingcans, Deskbum, Ross.lib, Rogue1, Dredpir8roberts and bokie to mention a few. All of you have helped my quit tremendously and I owe you all a tremendous debt of gratitude.

So thank you KTC and all the members here for the help and leading the way out of the darkness which is nicotine use.

Proud to be quit with you all EDD!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Prohunter

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