Your Quit

How Does It Feel?

How Does It Feel

How does it feel to be quit …
Since January 07, 2007?

Hmm …
Well, I can sum it up to five simple but exhausting words …

One Day At A Time!

I DO have to say it does get a heck of alot easier then it was at the beginning.

Sure there are many struggles and challenges during this journey but it’s life and no one said life was easy or fair. Just because a tragedy well unfortunate as it is, happens to you using whatever addiction you have, isn’t going to make it any better in the long run.

In order to be successful at this, you’ll need to teach your body, mind and heart how to stay quit. Read and re-read these articles, HOF speeches, etc. Post roll and try chat. I come back here to do the same. I also write and I hope in return it helps you as well.

Remember :
It’s Your quit and it’s You who hold the power! And it’s through this site, Kill The Can, that shows your accountability along with brother/sisterhood you CAN and WILL make it! I promise.

So how does it feel to be quit?
Well, in a little over three months it will be January 07, 2023, I’ll be 16 years quit.

I feel absolutely unequivocally free!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member mylilsecret

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