If Dipping Was Safe Would You Still Quit?


I ran across a great question the other day here in the comments and wanted to pass it along. Question If the FDA or some other Government said without a doubt dipping does not increase or cause your risk of mouth or throat cancer would you still quit? Answer I … Continue reading

Dip Free Hunting Season 2017 – Submit Your Pics

Bud 11.7.2017

For many former dippers, hunting season can be a difficult time of year with seasonal triggers especially if this is your first season after you quit dipping. Spending time in the woods waiting for that perfect deer (or bird or elk) to come into your sights doesn’t have to be difficult.  Realize this… You … Continue reading

The 20-Second Rule

The 20-Second Rule

I ran across this article the other day in my local paper and I wanted to pass it along as I think its incredibly relevant for someone who’s making changes in their life such as quitting dip. The 20-Second Rule By Dr. Paul Bizjak Chiropractic Physician Having more information on … Continue reading