How To Quit Smoking As A Student

Everybody knows it is not easy to quit smoking. Students often start smoking, being influenced by their friends. It gets difficult for them to get rid of this addictive habit that is costly and negatively impacts their health. However, you can get rid of smoking if you make a sincere effort by following these tips.


Compose a list of reasons to stop smoking

You can find essay samples at essayzoo to get a detailed well-researched paper on effective ways to quit smoking. As it would not be easy for you to quit smoking, you should read literature that can help you let go of this bad habit. You need to have a solid commitment to this cause. Remember, it would be better to get rid of this habit as early as possible. To have a strong resolve, it is recommended that you should write your reasons why you want to quit smoking.

Making a list of reasons to stop smoking will help you know exactly why you want to quit. It will give you more clarity of thought, and you will be more inclined towards making a sincere effort. It is often observed that people who want to keep themselves committed write their goals. If you consider tips to quit smoking, you will find that it is a good way to remind yourself of your cause’s purpose. When it gets difficult for you to continue, just take out the paper and go through it to keep yourself motivated.

You should take help from these essays and write your reasons in detail. Think of all the reasons that might come into consideration. One strong reason that you will find is the amount of money that you will save on cigarettes if you quit this habit. You should also know that by quitting smoking, you will improve your stamina and will be able to play sports in a much better manner. In addition, many people suffer from fatal diseases because of smoking. It will be a solid reason to keep you away from this dangerous habit. Place this on a notice board that you can see every day to keep reminding yourself. Additionally, your ordered essays about smoking can help you figure out why you want to quit smoking. These essays will detail how dangerous this habit is and how many people are suffering. These essays will also explain how much money people waste on this bad habit.

Inform everyone you know that you’ve quit smoking.

Look for essays about smoking to get help because you will need all the help. The process can be frustrating because you might not be successful after many attempts. You need support from your family and friends to keep you motivated during your struggle. Your family and friends will help you in crucial times when you will be vulnerable. Their support can help you remain committed to your cause.

It will help if you tell everyone around you that you plan to quit smoking and need their support. It will help because, at times, you will be tempted to smoke, but your family and friends will forbid you from smoking again. Their support will be critical because you can’t stop once you start, and all the effort you had put in before will be wasted.

Your friends will also refrain from smoking in your presence. They will respect your decision and will not like to tempt you by smoking in front of you. Even when you try to smoke in their gathering, they will remind you that you should not give up once you have made the decision. Your family will also play a great part in supporting you in the troubled period. With their support, you will realize that quitting smoking is easy, and you can get rid of this bad habit. They will keep convincing you during the whole process.

Ask your friends to join you

Students start smoking most of the time because their fellow students instigate them. So, if you are trying to quit smoking, you should try a similar method but with the opposite effect. Once you have decided that you will not smoke, you should ask your friends to follow your example. Most of the students smoke in the company of their friends. It will be difficult for you to quit this habit if your friends keep smoking in your presence.

You should convince them that they should also quit this bad habit for their excellent. Tell them that they should not smoke and save their money. Many students are dependent on their parents, and some even take study loans to support their studies. Tell your friends that they should not waste the money provided by their parents. If your friends have taken study loans, convince them to invest their borrowed money for a more practical purpose.

You will do excellent service if you can convince your friends to quit smoking to save money. They will be thankful to you and will remember your support in this regard. It is easier to do difficult tasks if you work as a group. By convincing your friends to quit, you can work together to help each other work for the exact cause. It will be an effective way with combined efforts. You will be able to support each other and achieve your common goal.

Give Yourself a Reward

You will save a lot of money by not smoking. You should use this money to reward yourself for your committed effort. Reward yourself for staying away from the habit for a month or a week. Celebrating your success will keep you motivated in this challenging task.

You can excel at sports and your studies if you can quit smoking. You need to stay focused and work consistently to achieve your goal. It will bring many benefits. You will be able to save your money, and your health will gradually improve.

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