Why Students Start Smoking in College and How to Prevent Smoking

Smoking In College
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There are several reasons why students resort to smoking at an early age. Once the habit develops, it can impact their whole life and becomes difficult to quit. The addiction makes the mind unclear and unfocused. Let’s look at the top reasons students start smoking during college life.

Following an Authoritative Figure

Students resort to smoking by observing an adult whom they aspire to become. They might have seen a guardian, a teacher, or one of their parents smoking a cigarette. Parents who smoke leave an indelible impression on the minds of their children and negatively influence them. The children inadvertently adopt the habit.

They think it is ok to smoke cigarettes when dealing with any pressure at work. However, it subconsciously sends a message to the children that they can smoke cigarettes to ward off worries when faced with any difficult phase. Students are also under much pressure. There are numerous assignments, tests, quizzes, and presentations to give. Children feel they can also smoke cigarettes to ease off the pressure. College smokers feel there is a false sense of comfort that smoking brings, temporarily relieving them of the pressure. If you are a student and overburdened with tasks and assignments, then look for essay writing companies who can write my essay 4 me. It will help you become more stress-free and relaxed. The writing company will thoroughly research the topic, and an expert writer will perform the task.

To Manage Stress

Students are stressed out most of the time. They have plenty of assignments, essay writing, and research work to do. It becomes too challenging to complete all the given tasks on time. Smoking in college students has become popular because of the stress and pressure academic life brings. They tend to have anxiety issues and problems. Moreover, students can not concentrate in class, which sometimes leads to a nervous breakdown.

To calm themselves down and ‘feel good,’ students start smoking. Many students are nervous about their college tasks and face trouble with their essay writing. Therefore, it is important to choose an essay writing service and get help with college tasks. It will let go of stress and worries. Instead of resorting to bad habits like smoking, it is best to hire the services of expert writers and seek their help. Don’t waste your time, money, and health on products that will harm you in the long run. Invest in essay writing companies that provide quality essays and relieve you of the stress and worries that will harm your body. Students think that smoking and studying go hand in hand. They are wrong as smoking will only harm you and adversely affect your health.

Friends Smoking

Friends as Influencers

One of the reasons students think that school makes me want to smoke is peer influence. Who doesn’t like to be a hero at college? Who doesn’t want to impress everyone around them with their personality and ideas? To be well-liked, appreciated, and socially inclusive, students start smoking just to fit in. Most teens who feel awkward at school and college adopt this habit. They think smoking cigarettes will help them achieve great success. Friends often tell good things about smoking cigarettes. They tell their friends how smoking a cigarette helped them overcome stress or outperform in class. Teenagers feel attracted to the idea of letting go of stress and worries by smoking cigarettes. Friends who instigate become influencers who motivate them to adopt the habit. Smoking in college gains popularity because of such influencers. These are the popular beliefs of most students who smoke cigarettes:

  • The label of a rebel appeals to them;
  • Peers trigger them to adopt smoking as a habit;
  • Teenagers think smoking makes them look cool, mature, and rebellious;
  • They see their favorite actors smoking cigarettes;
  • Teenagers feel it would be stylish to smoke a cigarette.

Marketing and Advertising Tactics

One of the biggest reasons why is smoking so popular is the marketing tactics adopted by tobacco companies. The key demographic is the teenage audience. They target teenagers who become regular smokers in their adult life.

Young students who watch TV advertisements with successful guys shown as smokers tend to get influenced by the concept. As a result, they would eventually smoke cigarettes to become more successful and mature.

Advertisements easily influence students who watch TV and spend the most time watching movies. Actors in movies are shown smoking cigarettes, which triggers a sense of authority and independence in teenagers. They think it is cool to smoke cigarettes.

The more exposure kids have to movies and media, the more likely they will start smoking cigarettes from an early age. Advertisements and big posters in magazines also lure adolescents and teenagers to start smoking. The ads show that young people are having the time of their lives while smoking a cigarette. It instantly develops a yearning to smoke a cigarette. Here are some of the ways ads influence young minds to create the habit of smoking:

  • Big posters showcasing a hero smoking a cigarette;
  • Movies depicting a mature, grown-up, successful man smoking a cigarette;
  • Manhood is complete when you smoke a cigarette;
  • Successful women are shown smoking a cigarette;
  • Tobacco companies sponsor movies and fashion events;
  • Smoking becomes a symbol of style and fashion;
  • Rebellious and independent people smoke cigarettes.

Girl Smoking

Following Social Trends

The habit of smoking is also developed when you follow a social trend. Students are influenced by movie stars and people shown in the media. For instance, it is shown that a woman starts smoking to control obesity. They would like to stay in shape and think that smoking will reduce their weight. Instead of eating healthy and controlling their portion size, they think smoking cigarettes will make them look cool, sporty, and more fun-loving. The plus point is that they will also shed some extra pounds. It motivates the young generation to adopt this destructive habit. They would start smoking without realizing that they are now addicted to smoking. It becomes difficult to quit. Students cannot concentrate on their studies, and the result is a failing grade. They become lethargic and have anxiety issues.

These are some of the top reasons students adopt smoking as a habit. Smoking is not only injurious to health. It distorts your personality. You become an addict for life. It becomes difficult to quit smoking and choose a healthier alternative when you follow the habit for a long time.

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