2009 HOF Speeches

I Made It!!!

LTCB80 avatarI first want to start off by thanking each and every one of my quit brothers for the help, and I want to thank this site for giving me the opportunity for some support to kill this beast. I started out dipping and chewing when I was a kid. My family were dairy farmers, and although my daddy smoked, my uncle chewed. I remember taking my first one and throwing up all over the milkbarn. I should have listened to the warning and not ever tried it again, but being weak I gave in. A short time later I got introduced to Copenhagen and away I went on my addiction rollercoaster. 20 years later here I am. I was up to 2 cans of that shit a day some days. Sometimes 1 1/2 but never les than 1. I have quit 2 times before but after a certain amount of time passed I found myself back in. The longest time was for 10 months. I took my last dip on November 14, 2008. I had been wanting to quit for quite some time but I never could find the strength to do it. On November 12, my wife informed me that she was pregnant. That made me extremely happy, and it also made me look really hard in the mirror. I don’t want my son(we found out its gonna be a boy)to follow in my footsteps and carry one of those round cans around and increase his chances of sickness, not to mention throw his money away for something as pointless as this. I decided to throw it down and luckily I was thinking about some extra help, and I found this place. I never could have done it without ya’ll. I have seen some ups and downs since my quit,(mostly downs) and i’ve even thought from time to time that nobody here really cares about me, or if I start back up. But I know thats not the truth. I guess that the missing chemical in the brain sure makes you think some crazy stuff. Anyways I guess i’ll quit rambling. I appreciate all the help from everyone and I hope to be able to meet some of you someday. I hit the hall on February 22, 2009. I haven’t made my speech yet because I didn’t really know what to say, but it sure looks like I got over that…lol. Thanks again brothers!!!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member LTCB80

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