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The 131st Quit

NOPLCLKNEB avatarThe 131st quit.

I quit for 4 days on my own, cold turkey. The worst 4 days I’ve had since I quit chewing at Christmas 1998. Yes, I quit once before.

Christmas 1998 I quit for around 80-90 days. Decided I could have “just one” with some old friends and the next time I quit was 11/27/2008. I would be around day 3700 if I had stayed quit back in 1998.

Back to the worst 4 days. On the 5th day I found this site. Would I still be quit if I had not found this site? I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. I know one thing this site has made it much easier.

Why did the 131st quit work? In my mind two reasons.

1. I really wanted to quit. Most important word here is I. Yes quitting is about me, it’s not about my wife, or my 3 young boys, or my co-workers or my parents or my boss, its all about me. I was finally sick of being a slave to a can of Copenhagen. Finally sick enough of it to go through hell to get away from it. Believe me quitting chew tobacco is hell, all the other HOF’ers know it. You, yes YOU have to want to quit.
2. This site. Reading the info on this site really helped me through days 5-20. Posting roll helped me all the way to 100. I plan on using this site for as long as I have to, to keep me quit, and along the way hopefully I can help someone else.

My other 130 quits started for the wrong reasons, Copenhagen was getting to expensive, my wife was ragging on me, my boys told me it was unhealthy, my mom said I should quit for my boys, my boss asked why I still chewed, my friends that did not chew wondered why in the hell I put that shit in my mouth.

Yes those 130 other quits started for all kinds of reasons, but each and every one of them ended the same way.

Me walking into a gas station, and buying a can of chew. Opening the can and putting a huge dip in. It involved two distinct emotions for me. One of great relief, calming, euphoria. The other of self hatred for being such a pussy.

The best thing about quitting tobacco, and staying quit, is not being a big fucking pussy anymore.

My opinion of the moral of the story is this, you have to quit for yourself and no one else, once you do quit you can never, never, never have just one, and if you are successful and actually quit, you are a dumb ass to ever let yourself start again.

My brothers in March, Scooterscum, Hydro, and Foremanscotty thank you for the help.
I never thought I could make 100 days, and I know in the big picture 100 days ain’t shit.

I don’t know who started it but it is prevalent throughout this site quit +1 is where we all really are, and as far as we all will ever be.

Thank you, and God Bless


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member NOPLCLKNEB

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5 years ago

Great post

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