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In the Shade – Athan HOF

Athan avatarEarly on in the quit, about 4 weeks or so into it, I had decided to get a case of beer. I had quit on January first along with quitting nicotine. Well I had these ‘digits’ from this stranger on the site. So I thought why not call him just to be safe ya know, just casually talk to someone while I get outa the truck, grab my brew, and get back into the truck. So I called him. And this stranger named Samrs answers. And he talks to me until I get back into my truck and am headed home. (Mack213 and I have now practiced this routine many times) That was probably one of a hundred calls this guy Samrs has made or taken; he probably doesn’t even remember it. Well it was a game changer for me. I couldn’t get over what a selfless act it was that he gave of himself, of his time to help me, a total stranger.
So my quit really evolved from that point right there. I wanted to be an active participant in my quit. I started to post more than just roll, to reach out to others on the site, to start blogging my journey on the intro page. I found that the more I helped my fellow man, the more my own quit was strengthened. In the end, I realized that it wasn’t me at all, it was all of us. I stood on the shoulders of giants; my feet never touched the ground. Skolvikings, JGromo, Chris2alaska, and Mack213, I haven’t got the words. I would not be quit were it not for your ears and wise counsel. CritRocket, I know I didn’t knock on your door but I very much appreciate the time you put in chasing slackers and closing the days roll.

You and Skol did more to keep April running smoothly than I can ever repay in word or deed. I can offer only my thanks…and my daily promise – know your time was not wasted on me.

Samrs, Worktowin, UncleRico – thank-you for being there. There are times a man cannot see the ripples he makes in the fabric of life and the effects he has on others. Know you are making differences and saving lives with each ripple.

My brothers in May, GoPackGo, FlyingAce, theGreatWhiteF250 (and you too MPGZooch for coordinating the show!) you’ve come a long way and I’m glad I am a part of it. I’m better for having navigated some rough water with you. It’s been a real treat to see you ‘mature in the quit’ so far as to reach out to the boys in July.
Kodiackdeath, you’re a very attractive man, don’t think I haven’t noticed. Very flattered that you boys in June quote me in your heading. Remember swimdad crossing the KTC threshold and Mambo too (and how you uplifted your bride – very nice). saveDanny – keep quitting.

At the pass at Thermopylae is a marble plaque commemorating the battle. It’s been there for two millennia. Loosely translated it says,

“know ye stranger passing by,
here we Spartans lie,
obedient to our law”.

I went there and got a rubbing of it. It is framed on my office wall. It does inspire me so….

When told the volley of Persian arrows was so great that it blocked out the sun, Dienekes replied, “good, we can have our fight in the shade!”
Men can utter such things in the face of such incomprehensible odds because they know that they are part of something greater than themselves.
So it is with the quit.
You can chew a whole sleeve tomorrow if it pleases you, but not today.
For today you gave me your word that you would not.
You are now bound to me and to your brothers in quit by your word.
In case no one told you, that’s a very big deal.
What is a man if he has no integrity? Do you not know that your words and deeds live longer than you do? Are you unaware that your successes and failures reverberate into the spheres of those around you?
Take heart then my brothers, for you stand shoulder to shoulder with champions.
Let us quit in the shade!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Athan

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