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Just One Dip

Just OneJust one dip’ is the myth you have to get out of your mind.

It’s just one dip that gets you started in the first place.

It is just one dip to tide us over a difficult patch or on a special occasion that defeats most of our attempts to stop.

It is just one dip that, when chewers have succeeded in breaking the addiction, sends them back into the trap. Sometimes it is just to confirm them that they do not need it any more and it does just that. It tastes horrible and convinces the chewer he will never become hooked again, but he already is.

It is the thought of one special dip that often prevents the chewer from stopping. The first one in the morning or the one after a meal.

Get it firmly in your mind there is no such thing as just one dip. It’s a chain reaction that will last the rest of your life unless you break it.

It is the myth about the one special dip that keeps chewers moping about it when they stop. Get into the habit of never seeing the one tin or dip- it is a fantasy. Whenever you think about chewing, see a whole lifetime of spending a small fortune just for the privilege of destroying yourself mentally and physically, a lifetime of slavery, a lifetime of bad breath.

It is a pity that there isn’t something like a dip that, during good and bad times, we can use for the occasional boost or pleasure. But get it clearly into your mind: tobacco isn’t it. You are stuck with either a lifetime of misery or none at all. You wouldn’t dream of taking cyanide because you like the taste of almonds, so stop punishing yourself with the thought of the occasional dip.

Ask a chewer, ‘if you had the opportunity to go back to the time before you became hooked, would you have become a chewer?’ The answer is inevitably ‘you’ve got to be joking?’ yet every chewer has that choice every day of his life. Why doesn’t he opt for it? The answer is fear. The fear that he cannot stop or that life won’t be the same without it.

Stop kidding yourself. You can do it. Anybody can. It’s ridiculously easy.

In order to make it easy to stop chewing there are certain fundamentals you have to get clear in your mind:

  1. there is nothing to give up. there are only positive gains to achieve.
  2. Never see the one dip. It doesn’t exist. There is only a lifetime of filth and disease.
  3. There is nothing different about you. Any chewer can find it easy to stop.

Many chewers believe they are permanent chewers or have addictive personalities. I promise you, there is no such thing. No one needs to chew before they become hooked on the drug. It is the drug that hooks you and not the nature of your character or personality. That is the effect of these drugs, they make you believe you have an addictive personality. However, it is essential you remove this belief. Because if you believe you are dependent on nicotine, you will be, even after the little nicotine bitch inside your body is dead. There is no such thing as just one dip.

“He who forgets will be destined to remember.”

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member mule

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