2019 HOF Speeches

My Promise – Let Me Be an Example

Hall of Fame KTC 5So here I am writing another hall of fame speech.  Let me be an example of how even if you pass the 100 day mark, throw dip away for several years, that you are not free from your addiction.  It is easy to fall off the wagon, and harder to get back on.  Let this be a reminder, that even one dip several years later is not acceptable.  You must stay the course, must remember that each and every day being dip free is a battle.   This battle will go with you for the rest of your life.  Its a battle that does get easier, over time, but it also gives you brain time to make it easier to justify one dip.  One dip is all it took, one dip is all it took to throw away a foundation to a dip free lifestyle.  I am a quiet guy who just enjoys the simple things in life.  The simple things free of the can, the spit, the nicotine and as Adam Sandler’s mother would say in the move waterboy, “The Devil”.

Thanks for all your support, my next day towards freedom starts again tomorrow and every day after this “100th day”, every day is a battle.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sweetrice80

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