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Keepin It 100

Keep It 100100… I’m keepin this shit 100 as some may say!

Thank you to KTC and all of the vets that have kept their promise day in and day out. Thank you to our conductors of quit @sbbeq and @Freddi for doing an awesome job making something special for all of us birds! And finally thank you to the freebirds!

I think I came in here saying that I had made the 100 day mark about 7 years ago and later caved. Honestly I think I caved shortly before and slowly fizzled out of the KTC picture. I don’t really remember because honestly it’s not very memorable to me. I left this site and all it stood for behind. I would tell people, “ya, I tried to quit, I even joined this quitting site” people would ask “there’s a chew quitting site?” “Oh ya” I’d say. “The site was crazy, there were some nice guys, but there were some raging assholes, and guys that were so hardcore they would yell at you for the stupidest shit!” “Really?” They’d say “Oh ya, they would jump all over your case” I’d go on. “The site reminded me of an AOL chat site from 1996. Just to make a post you had to go to this place in the internet that only guys like Neo from the Matrix know about.” “Ya it was crazy” I’d say “that shit wasn’t for me at all! It was like a hardcore anger management forum!” As I wrapped up the story I’d spit out what looked like 1/2 a cup of unfiltered coffee. The dip spit would splatter narrowly missing both of our feet. Chew sprinkles all over my yellow teeth like a donut from the sewer.“yep definitely not for me.”

See I was too cool for the site then. I was interested in quitting but no way you’d catch me acting like some of these assholes! So instead I continued chewing. After awhile it made more sense to buy 2 cans at the gas station so I didn’t have to run around so damn much. Before you know it, I was buying logs. My last year or 2 of chewing had got to a 2 can a day habit.

Fuck this! I thought. I quit drinking. 25 days before I joined back. The last time I caved was because I got hammered and washed out all my resolve. It was time to put that to bed too but that’s another forum lol.

Day 1, I came back and not long after I made the intro I started feeling that OL’ KTC heat I remember so well. Some guys even said I was a waste of time. I wasn’t so mad at these guys because the truth was my track record proved that they were right. I took it. I took it all. Matter of fact that fuel and fire in some of these guys made my focus shift from how bad I missed the shit can to I’m gonna prove all these assholes wrong. No fuck that I need to do more than just take this shit. I’m gonna reach out to these guys and get their digits. I’m gonna post Every Damn Day first thing right after I piss because that’s what all these hardcore guys do! WUPP! That’s what these guys say all the time WUPP! If guys came off as assholes or supportive, didn’t matter, I grabbed their digits. Being too cool for the site last time didn’t get me anywhere so might as well try and do things their way!

Turns out my perception of these guys were all wrong. The “assholes” were super supportive, The “hardcore” were super funny and supportive. The “supportives” were supportive. Everybody was different, with different personalities, and different approaches. Honestly each one had a positive affect on me whether I knew it at the time or not. I have become one of the labels I use to give and I am unapologetic about that! These labels I had of these bad ass quitters were now meaningless to me. Being quit and staying quit  ODAAT is why everyone is here. Whether they are nice, mean, shy, loud, obnoxious, republican, Democrat, whatever the heart of the artichoke is the same in everyone here and the site works. If I could describe the journey from day 1 to day 100 I would say Day 1 was a whole day of horrible nervous body energy thinking the whole day about worm dirt with maybe a couple breaks of mind distraction. Day 100 was a whole day thinking about how far I’ve came from that shitty day and what great support I have around me! It’s not over and nothing has been conquered, I still get random cravings. I’m ok with that though. I know I got my boys, the Freebirds, if I ever need them and I can text what ever one of these asshole vets I want! Hey assholes! Thank you for saving this life!! On to 365 ODAAT! QWTBOF  Quit With The Birds Of Freedom

Special thanks to: @MNxEngineer @FISHFLORIDA @chris2alaska @ankape @Samrs @Batdad

Special thanks to the Flock:

  • The Eagle: @Aggies94 the leader of the flock.
  • The Roadrunner: @joshj  a natural runner that’s quick on his feet.
  • The Canada Goose: @famous205 organized the “group text” and got us all flying in sync.
  • The Raven: @Sajax – very intelligent and slightly mischievous lol.
  • The dove: @Todd W 66  the most Godly bird I could think of. PTBQWY
  • The duck: @kg88 cause he is one crazy ducker!
  • The Camp Robber: @JeffH4257 He’s never afraid of checking in on his brothers of quit making sure we’re good.

Thank you all! And see you tomorrow.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member comalley

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