2006 HOF Speeches

LDiddy’s HOF Speech

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!Cliffy…..RIP

Hey ACORD, looky here, we’re actually doing this shit.

I swore last night that I was going to just send out a few PM’s this morning, and be done with it, but then got to thinking about all the thanks I owed to so many people that I couldn’t do that.

You know, over 3 months ago we all got together, no one knowing anything about anyone else in here, and decided to attempt as a group to make a huge change in our individual lives. Along the way, we’ve damn sure had some highs and lows. But from where we started, I’ve feel I have found and made some friendships that will last forever. To all of you who I have to be cautious about not using your real names on the site, thank you again for your friendship and caring.

We’ve had brothers loose loved ones, go through the agony of divorce, and make life changing decisions about careers, relationships, and a multitude of other areas of their lives. We’ve seen a few of our brothers fall by the way side, but for the most part, and in large part because of this group, a huge group of us are hitting HOF.

I could start by just listing the entire membership roster for ACORD, but let me try this… up front, if I miss someone, it wasn’t intentional. As I told Rayne, I had absolutely no idea writing this was going to be so tough…

Cowgirl and Rooster….my quit day buddies from Day 1..I knew everyday that Rooster was going to be clucking in…and CG – you’re my hero. You (and 10 Years) fight through a temptation none of us have to, living with this habit from someone else everyday. Thanks for refusing to let me get down for any length of time.

Moto & Rutroh…guys the PM’s along the way, and your insights and friendship are priceless.

My other ACORD brothers and sisters…Aqua, NIT, Sauce, 3 tins, and the rest of the post whore brigade, thanks for making sure there was always something here to take my mind off the craves and everything else going wrong.

Ashley, our bad ass, crazy little sister…thank you for sticking up for all your ACORD brothers.

b/tPeriod, SeanSD, BeyondKodiak, Mr. Lee, and Madrojo….thanks for leading the way brothers. You guys made me feel at home everyday since Day 1.

SteveCootie, Bogey, Groundpounder, Coupe53, RideFast , all you guys…thank you for not letting me get weak.

To you guys that adopted ACORD…
Miss Rayne, thanks for all the smiles.
Cliffy, thanks for keeping it interesting.
Loot, glad you came to hang out with us.
Wange, always looking out for us.
And oh yea, fuck you and your gerbils Cap’n…seriously, thanks for kicking our asses into shape.

Everybody has been asking me what plans I had today. Right now, I’m going to head to work, and enjoy the hell out of my day. Got some things to take care of, like spending time this weekend with my reason for quitting, Ms Lauren. Other than that, I’m going to sit here, and enjoy not putting that shit in my mouth ever again.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member LDiddy

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