2006 HOF Speeches

Danoj’s HOF Speech

KTC Logo Blue100 days. 100 days ago I would never have guessed I would quit Copenhagen for good after a 21 year addiction. I found this site by accident. I did a google search looking for aids to cut back on chewing, not quit. I wanted to quit but felt a more realistic approach would be to cut my chewing in half. I read through many of the posts from veterans and was impressed with how identical many stories were to my own. I kept reading responses to newbies thinking about quitting at a set date – “why wait, quit now.” Something struck me. I had dipped my last dip. I used to purchase copenhagen in the 10 can log. I had 7 left and tossed them. I hoped that was not a decision I would later regret. My daughter is soon to be 2 years-old. She has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, it means she was born with only half of a heart. I have watched her endure 2 open heart surgeries. She will have at least one more and then will need a heart transplant. The odds of her being alive at the age of 5 are less than 10%. I watch her struggle to survive, going through operations, tests, poking/prodding, daily medicines and plenty of shots. All of this to live. Then I look at myself in the mirror, relatively healthy, and purposely killing myself with chewing tobacco. Ashamed is as close of a term I can describe the feeling inside. I needed to quit. For myself and for my mental well-being. I needed to quit for my daughter.

I owe so many people thanks. First off: My May quit group, dysfunctional yet entertaining. QT, thanks for checking in on me weekly. You are a good man. Rem, Sno, Pelon, DFloyd, CoryB, Elric, Pave, QG, Lannes, Larry, Red, GP, Bac and the rest – thanks for all the conversation, support and encouragement. You’ve helped me keep my mind away from dip plenty of times, learn a few things and shown me there are two sides to every argument and my view is not necessarily always right.

April 06: SOS, Aqua, LD, Moto, Bogey, 2manycans, Cliff and all the rest : You have made me laugh out loud at work on more than one occasion. You’ve also shown what it means to work together as a group. Thank you for allowing me to post in 04/06. And thanks for your 20k.

Loot: Thank you for responding so promptly to my pm’s and answering dumb questions and offering advice and support to me right from the beginning. I admire and respect the hell out of you.

Capt. Kirk: ditto, thanks for the kind words at times and your willingness to assist others in their quit.

Gumwadone: Thanks for sharing your story. You’re a stand-up guy.

Rayne: Thanks for stopping into May and saying hello every morning. The positive vibe you give helps start each day on a good note.

Norgeboy: The first to reply to a post of mine and offer help/encouragement. I miss the wild card section. Thanks Norgeboy.

MVW: Thank you for this site. Without it I am still a dipper.

Copewquitn: Thank you for the support you give newbies, and especially this gem:

Originally posted by copewquitn: 3/24/06
recognize the crave for what it is and get on here for support. It will pass. Things that help some folks:
– deep breaths
– take a walk
– chug a big glass of water
– go in the bathroom and stare at your penis.

The first three have worked. I haven’t had to yet, but if I need to I will try the 4th suggestion.

June, July and Aug 06 HOF groups. Thanks for reminding where I was at. You have terrific groups and I look forward to seeing you in the HOF. Hit me up if I can ever be of assistance.

Flavius Victor: Thank you for giving us a new home.

Thanks to everyone here. I thought about celebrating with my wife but that doesn’t seem right. She has never chewed or smoked. She has no idea how hard this. This is not something she and I share. This is something we at QS share. So, cheers everyone. Here’s to the next 100 days.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member danoj

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