2017 HOF Speeches

Mb1 HOF Speech

KTC Logo - OrangeMy quit started 100 days ago on my couch. I was siting there already thinking about quitting when a nicotine patch commercial came on. So my 6 year old daughter looks at me and says daddy you need that. She knew i smoked and chewed and that her grandmothers husbands funeral was that Saturday (lung cancer) from smoking. So it was decided in my head that that was it no more nic. Now i didn’t tell anyone till the next day. I came home foggy and ready to cave . I handed my daughter my smokes and son my can and had them throw them out. However they kept trying to hand them back to me until i told them i quit for the tenth time in a row they realized i was serious. My daughter was so proud of me everywhere we went she would tell whoever and i mean everyone that “my daddy quit chewing and smoking”. So not only do i quit every day with my 4 yr old son 6 year old daughter and my wife. But i am also proud to quit with everyone of you. Now i come from a long line of smokers and the only one to quit before me was my mother. So its a big deal in my family to quit. So little to my knowledge my sister and her husband quit 4 days after me without knowing that i had quit. So i keep pushing them to keep quitting too. So here is to the first 100 days and never ever caving fucking ever.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Mb1

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