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We All Win – 4TheWin Hall of Fame Speech

4thewin avatarI remember how much reading Hall of Fame speeches has helped me, so I think it is important to take a few minutes and write something. However, it is hard to summarize the many and powerful thoughts I have about hitting 100 days and KTC. I am going to cover this in three swipes, the first is a letter to the new or potential quitter who may read this, the second is a letter to myself, and the third is a thank you note. So here goes…

Dear New or Potential Quitter:

Here’s the deal. KTC can be a bit confusing at times (might be the fog) and a bit chaotic at times (might be by design – helps distract), but right here is absolutely everything you need to quit nicotine. Why do I say that? Two reasons: the approach and the support. The approach WILL work. It is simplicity itself. Give your word each day, keep your word for that day, repeat. So simple but also hard, I know. But you can do this. The simplicity of it helps tremendously, and if you find your brain getting in the way of your quit try coming back to the basics. You can do anything for one day, and you are a person of honor who gave their word for today. Quitting totally sucks at times, but when you fight through those moments, in the big picture it is so totally worth it that it will literally be one of the best things that ever happens in your life! No kidding. And that is why you are here, right? Deep down you already know this, and you are ready to do something about it. You are ready to stop killing yourself; you are ready to stop throwing your money away in the most insulting way imaginable; you are ready to stop lying to those closest to you; you are ready to stop stealing time away from them to feed this awful addiction. You are your own person and will not be controlled. And now here is the really good news; you are not alone. Whether by luck or intention, you have arrived at a place where there will be unbelievable, incredible support every step of the way. I was skeptical at first. I am not a trusting or open person by nature. I do not share stuff about myself. Yet here, I found a group of people who know and understand exactly what it takes to fight this addiction, and even more amazingly I found a group of people who are willing to do ANYTHING to help me fight it. I have learned so much about my addiction and about myself by reading and interacting with them. KTC has changed my life, and it will change yours too, especially if you follow the “the more you put in the more you get out rule.” Fair warning though, we quit hard here at KTC (I think I can say we now that I am in the Hall of Fame!) so be prepared to be challenged by people who care if you are falling off track. So welcome, quit immediately (if you have not already done so) and embrace the brotherhood (with a more than a few awesome sisters mixed in) that is Kill The Can. Sincerely, 4TW

Dear Tim:

Today is not about patting yourself on the back or about the end of a journey. It is a time to reflect on what got you here and what to expect in the future. KTC has helped you realize that you are an addict, and you will never be cured. That was a big step. You have stopped many times. You have even stopped for years and then gone back to your awful addiction. What is different this time is KTC and what you have learned over the last 100 days. So let’s discuss. For you, Tim, the first 100 days (as sucky as it was) was not the real challenge or the real hard part. For you the real challenge will come at some point down the road. It will come many times between Day 100 on KTC (now) and that Day 9186 (my predicted last day on earth according to the always reliable internet) when I can safely stop posting. It will probably come most often when you are weak or tired or under tremendous pressure or bored or just feeling bad about some aspect of life for some reason that is unknowable right now. And that is when the nic b*tch will do her best to strike. She will whisper all kinds of sickly, sweet things. You know this. You experienced it before KTC, and you have now also read about it here. But have no doubt that she will find ways to work on you that you cannot even imagine today, and lo they will tempt you. Now when this happens, you must be ready. First you must continue to make your pledge every day. Second you must be prepared to reach out to others for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of intelligence. Third, always remember that you are an addict and you cannot have “just one”. No way. Never Again For Any Reason. Fourth you must continue to invest in your quit, grow in your quit (try new things!) and protect your quit. Remember also that you quit for yourself and that you are worth staying quit for. No matter what the Nic B*tch might whisper, nicotine only makes things worse, and you do not ever want to be a slave to that poison again. This is life or death stuff, but enjoy it. You have always loved a good fight, especially when surrounded by true comrades in arms. This battle is the stuff of legend, and this place is truly blessed. Enjoy the wonderful, off beat community you have found and give back when you can. Do these things, and I will be proud of you and you will have earned what everyone here has given you. Remember, you chosen name and that we play to win around here. Best, 4TW

Dear KTC Friends:

I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given me. I feel greatly enriched, not just in my knowledge of how to fight this addiction but as a person. I think I have figured out another reason why the vets stay around and invest their time back into KTC. It is because it is time that is so well spent. You are helping to save lives while you help yourself. It just does not get much better than that.

Although I dread accidentally missing someone, here is a list of those whose support has made a difference in my quit: 69Franx, BazookaJoe, Brisingr, Bulldog0311, Candoit, CavMan83, CoachW, demondeac, DonkeyMN, Enough, Falcon67, FishFlorida, FLLipOut, Gas, gutty12, IowaFFguy, j2b, Jacobmldn, Jeff W, jeffw, Jetpack, Jupiter, Law1358, Leonidas, longbow, madcop94, MJW, mlotter, MNseeds, Montovon, mrlentz, Prohunter, Rewire, Samrs, scottludwig, Skoal Crusher, SoccerJack, Stratomatic, SWilson, TheSkinnyDipper, Tpassala, worktowin, and Wyles. You all have quit literally helped save my life, and I am eternally grateful. Quit on my friends and be excellent! Your friend, 4TW

I have now droned on far too long, so I will conclude by asking for God’s continued blessing on this community and all who quit here.

With a thankful heart, 4TheWin

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member 4thewin

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