MHRA Approves First E-Cig For Clinical Use

Girl Using E-CigI’m not quite sure what to make of this so I wanted to pass it along to possibly get some discussion going either here on the site in the comments or on social media.

Even the strongest vape supporters would (hopefully) agree that the long-term effects of vaping won’t be known for some time. That said, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) (essentially the UK’s version of the FDA) recently approved an e-cigarette for clinical use for the first time.

“British American Tobacco (BAT) was granted the appropriate medical device licence towards the end of last year, meaning its e-Voke vapouriser could be prescribed by the NHS as a smoking cessation treatment. It’s the first e-cigarette to receive this clinical indication in the UK, where drugs that numb cravings and nicotine-replacement patches, gums and inhalers have traditionally been the go-to, state-sponsored therapies.”

Regardless of my personal stance on these products, I realize that the general consensus is that e-cigarettes are better for you than the real thing. That said, I find it sort of surprising that MHRA would go this route before truly understanding the long term implications of extended e-cigarette usage.

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