2016 HOF Speeches

HOF – One Year Later

AsTerNot avatarI decided that after 27 years of being addicted to swamp ass worm dirt that I would wait one year to finally dive into and post this speech, 100 days just didn’t seam like it was enough for me to celebrate (personal choice, 100 days is an awesome accomplishment). Tomorrow Feb 1st is day 365 so lets get this speech on. I want to thank my family and my friends. That being said I appreciate their support but with 27 years of addiction under my belt I have attempted to quit a few times before. My family and friends I lied to them. My KTC brothers I couldn’t do it. I was amazed by the support I received from all of my May Misfit Bad Ass Quit brothers. We were all in the same boat, if I needed to rant they let me rant, if I had a bad day they supported me in staying quit. When I went through craves this is where I turned. My wife was great but i would just yell at her. The brothers in here didn’t give a shit if I yelled at them. We were all in the same forward area in a war against big tobacco. I never thought that I would be capable of quitting dip. one year later it was and is one of the most important triumphs in my life. This was not easy, mad craves, anger, I got fat, and there were times that I couldn’t focus enough to even be at work. But with the help of this site and my brothers I continue to pull through. My work is not done and never will be but a few notes that help are: No more runs to the nearest gas station driving like crazy because I was in need of a lip, No more yelling and screaming at my wife because I couldn’t find the can I just bought, No more shit in my teeth, No more dip bottles, cups, or cans in my house or car. No more getting behind the slowest person ever in line at the store and knowing that I would have to rear up and swallow a huge dip spit, no more choking on the wayward dirt that went into my wind pipe, No more brown stains on my entire life. I am now and always be an addict, but not dipping and not dealing with the aforementioned list of shitty things is an awesome feeling. Thank you KTC, and thank you my wonderful Misfit brothers of May 2015.

I hope that more people find this site, I hope they get into a group post up and quit. The benefits are awesome and you will and can astound yourself!!!!!!

FU Nic Bitch
Finally Free, QFL

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member AsTerNot

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