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My Not So Bionic HOF Speech

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!I am sure not a speech writer and there is not a damn thing I can say here that has not already been said.

Sitting here right now having to do something on the computer that may take a while has made me think about dip. Yes, even after 100+ days I still think about dip but guess what, I ain’t gonna dip because I have promised a bunch of guys here that I will not.

I did not really start to dip full time till I went off to college. I was an off and on dipper in high school but none of my friends dipped so I was the odd ball. In college though all the guys dipped in the dorm so I was part of the gang. I was a full time dipper from there on out. After 22 years I was up to a 2 can a day addiction and my whole day revolved around when and where I could get my next dip. My wife knew I dipped but I never did it around her or the kids. I just went to the basement and dipped or waited for her to go to bed and I would stay up dipping every night. Even Fri & Sat nights I would work it so she would go to bed by 10:00 and I would stay up to dip and miss out on the fun time we have been having the last few weekends….damn, I hope the kids don’t come downstairs now.

Like most guys I tried to quit with no success. I tried for “her”, I tried when I turned 30, I tried on many New Years, I tried patches, I tried gum, I tried laser therapy……..it was not till I found this site and tried for myself that I think I might be successful. That’s right, this was the first time I ever tried quitting for me and me alone. Hell for the first 12 days I did not even tell my wife I quit. I just let her think I was being a real asshole, which I was but once I told her she understood. I told her that she could not support me or give me help because she was not a addict and she did not know what I was going through. Since she had caught me several times back on dip (once after a year quit) I told her the only way to know was to check roll call and if my name was there I was not dipping and if my name was not there, I was dipping again, easy as that.

I really found this site to be helpful and since I am an all or none guy I jumped in and did everything I could to help my group up to and including stalking wives. (read back in April, it ain’t no shit) I found helping others stay quit was what helped me stay quit.

I do not see the HOF or 100 days as anything but a small milestone. I might feel good when I hit the coma club or maybe in 4 years when I can finally say again that I have not dipped half my life. I just know that I have 265 days of triggers I have not experienced yet so I will keep posting roll call and quitting each day with you guys.

I love all the guys in the April dip shitz and feel I know each one of you since I kept close track of the stats and roll call for the first 90 days. I would like to thank all of those who posted roll call with us on a regular basis. Please know that all of you have helped me and others just by being on the list each day.

There are a few quitters I would like to specifically thank. (I hate these lists because someone always gets left out, so if your left out, grow some balls and know I love ya)

Phat Pauly – you kept me laughing, never a dull moment in your presence
Neveragain – your the man in more than 1 place
Martin – thanks for the calls each way
Cowboys75 – you were a name I looked for everyday, you kept me going brother!
AAD – the first one in our group and the first one to the HOF, we followed your lead
Klark – you’re a rock around here. Glad your in my corner
TR, Mordicai, Goochy, Colton, Greg5280, greg40 , pista, JPcrew – chat buddies, thanks for your time
Rkymtman – thanks for all the pointers on leading us to the HOF
Rawaldem, Dr. Banner – nice meeting you and putting names on faces
SamCat – you will always be my Babe of the day!!
Sensei – I want to read your book of quit. Your words kept me going many times, thanks

I am quit with you all.
P.S. – My wife’s tits – yes they are real!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member MikeA

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