What To Expect – 100 Days and Beyond

Expectations - KillTheCanYears ago, we put together a timeline of the first 100 days of your quit – What To Expect When You Quit Dipping. It was created based on the input of thousands of quitters and has proven to be incredibly accurate. And while this timeline shows a quitter with incredible accuracy what to expect in the first three months of their quit, it doesn’t clue them into what to expect further down the road. That’s where this page comes in. We’re going to try and lay out the time after you hit the 100 day Hall of Fame. We’re looking for feedback and input so please comment below and we’ll incorporate themes moving forward.

Days 120 – 150

You’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You’ve successfully quit dipping but it bothers you that you still think about it from time to time. You question your quit and how solid it actually is. You’re scared that in a moment of weakness you’ll go back to the can and throw away everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. You get especially scared because you’re dealing with some massive craves now and then that you haven’t felt since the funk back in the 80-90 day range. Stay strong. This will pass.

Day 365

Congratulations! You have successfully navigated a full year being quit! Now staying quit is “simply” a matter of repeating what you already did last year. There is not a single day on the calendar that you have not already conquered.

More coming soon… please comment below with your experiences after the 100 day mark.

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  1. My friends once I quited for 8 months. Once for 3 months. I felt I controlled it. Again I started. But actually if you start it will continue. you can not control it.

  2. I dipped for nearly 2 years. I am currently under 19 days without. The first 5 days weren’t easy, but honestly for me after that I have had minor cravings but it has been very easy for me to continue without it. I always craved it while I drove or while I was doing an outdoor activity etc.

  3. 48 hours in after dipping for 10 years. This is the time!

  4. Its been 19 months since I flushed my last can of Longhorn. Before that, I’d spent over 25 years dipping. Let me clarify how bad my habit was. In 25 years, unless I was eating or asleep, I had a lip full. No exaggeration. So, I guess its understandable that after this long without a single use, I STILL HAVE CRAVINGS EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. But I will never use again, that’s just a given for me. I win. Tobacco loses now and forever….end of story. Dudes and dudetts, if I can quit, you can quit. NEVER give in, NEVER give up and NEVER cop out!

  5. Today marks 1 year that I took the pledge to quit dipping, and I am happy to say I made it! I looked at this site daily for what seemed like months, just reading your guys testimonies and comments. I am thankful for you guys and this site, because this helped me though the tough times when I thought I needed a dip. This my first time commenting because I challenged myself and said that until I make it 1 year, I will not post anything so that I can truly become like a lot of you guys! Best decision of my life was quitting and finding this site to help me along the way! Keep up the good work guys, and if anyone needs any help at all with anything, please feel free to contact me! Again, thanks for all your inspiration guys! Ffkbarrett100@gmail if anyone needs any help or advice!

    • Congrats at making it a year! I am 6 months in now but the cravings have come back and have been lingering for about a month. Are you still getting the cravings at a year mark? I am not worried about giving in to them. I have made my mind and quitting is to important to me, just wondering if I will be dealing with the cravings for another 6 months.


  6. Nine months today for me but almost fell off the wagon just last week. Work is a huge trigger and there’s plenty of dip around. I still have cravings every day. Dealing with what I assume to be associated depression. Have gained about 15 pounds.
    Wanted so bad for 9 months to be a happy anniversary. Wish there was someone I could talk to about it – to get a high five, but that’s not my life.
    I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time.

    • You’re talking like you’ve given up. STOP IT. You’ve nine months free from your addiction. Pick yourself up and realize how far you’ve come and DON’T throw it away.

      You want someone to talk to? There’s 28,000 + members on our forums http://forum.killthecan.org – go talk there or right here. You’re not alone. KEEP FIGHTING.

  7. I went to a friends wedding and one of the that I was sitting next to pulled out a can of my old favorite,skoal mint pouches. I held strong but ever since then I’ve been having some cravings. I am now five months in and have not cheated once. But after reading this blog, I see other people about just as far as me were for or further having the same cravings and it makes me realize that there is hope. This site gave me what I was looking for because I thought today was the day I was going to cheat.

  8. 8 months as of yesterday. Well I did try chew again in late July but I got sick so I spit it out. Imagine that I chewed for 22 years and got sick.

  9. Great information
    I will try to quite tobbaco

    • I hate to say it, but if you’re going to “try” you’re going to fail.

      You need to “know” that you’re going to quit. Mindset makes a huge difference. In the immortal words of Yoda, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

  10. Starting to quit today. I thought that if I put this in here I’d have to quit. I’m not the type of guy to go back on my word. I haven’t had a chew all day. The hardest part for me are the cravings. How long do they last, (on average) 10 minutes?

  11. On day 42 was doing doing great till found a can in the like a idiot looked at the date it’s good till oct 11 i threw it away but been thinking about it all night how pathetic is that

  12. Soldierwhoquitsonlyonething

    I just quit on Tuesday morning, 8/9/2016, I dipped before a ruck march. I bought nicotine lozenges the weekend prior. I had a plan but it took me a few days to see it through. I’ve been using the lozenges every day. I’ve drank a few beers since but I’ve grabbed the lozenges instead of a can. I have quite a few cans lying around. I read where someone is keeping a couple of cans in a drawer as a trophy. I like the idea of being stronger than that ring of heaven. I dipped for 13 years only switching to cigarettes or quitting for a few short months. I want this to be the end. My dentist told me I he pre-cancerous lesions on my gums. I was actively thinking about the possibility of cancer more than once a month the whole time. Hope I caught it in time. There’s only one way to find out right?

    • I realize this is an old comment but I’ve got to respond…

      If you’re using lozenges every day, you’re not quit.

      If you’ve got “quite a few cans lying around”… you’re most likely no longer quit.

      While it may make you feel good to “be stronger” this is a stupid line of thinking that the Nic Bitch loves. Nicotine and dip is the enemy. Remove it from your life. Remove it as an option. Anything less and you’ll most likely be back to the can (if you’re not already).

  13. So this is my first day trying to quit dipping. Surprisingly I woke up and wanted to quit so bad I’ve been dipping for 5 years now and I’m already going crazy. That’s how I found this site. I was going crazy and yelling at my family members through the house and I went into my room and got on Google and searched things that would encourage me to not put that dip of snuff in. I’ve been congratulating myself by the house as the tears of frustration run down my cheek. I’ve never went one hour without dipping. So I’m trying to clean to get my mind off of it. It’s not helping much but I do have to say this is a great site. I will probably not succeed at this. I will try and after a few months I’ll probably say well it won’t hurt. I know it will hurt. I don’t wanna give up. I need help. Anything to help stop aggravation? Please say yes. I might end up going crazy before this first day is over with.

  14. I’ve quit a couple times in the past only to start back up again. I am going to try again tomorrow. I’m scared shitless cause I know how much this is going to fucking suck. Anyone use nicotine gum or anything like that and if so how effective was it?

    • Hello Kyle,
      Hope your journey of quitting is working out. Just remember man…. You’re in control. You can do this. I dipped for 18 years and would literally sleep with one in every night. When I finally quit (2 years this August 9th), I did several things:
      1. Drank tons of water. Not sure if this helped but it helped me think I was flushing the nic out of my system.
      2. Chewed TONS of gum. Regular wrigleys or similar (not nicotine kind).
      3. Told my family, friends and co-workers what I was doing and that I may be a bit on edge for a while.
      4. Kept two brand new unopened tins right there in my sock drawer. Just so I know it’s there… But I’m stronger than them and don’t need to open them.
      I still have them to this day…. Now they’re kind of like a trophy.
      Keep up the fight man…. You can beat that stuff. Best thing I’ve done for myself.

      • Wow, JL. I’ve never heard of keeping chew around when trying to quit. I’m glad that it works for you, but I wouldn’t recommend advising people who want to quit chewing to keep a tin of it in their sock drawer. Kind of funny actually. Otherwise, great advice and congratulations on 2 years of quitting.

  15. Day 154 here. Cravings last couple of weeks have been some of the worst yet. Weird internal pain that was almost gone came back this week but still not as strong as it used to be. Been probed and scanned a lot in the last few months. All looks good except for some mildly high pancreas and liver enzymes. Hope they go down to fully normal sometime. This new life is great. Cravings mask it’s niceness darn it.

  16. Day 170….160s were pretty good. Still getting used to emotions without the numbing effect of nicotine…..when I get excited it almost makes me dizzy, but it feels good…..almost feels like for the first time I’m really alive. That weird detached feeling is starting to subside….. I’m guessing my brain is almost fully adjusted and healed…..that feeling of ” normal” is setting in day by day.

    Hopefully the 170s are even better…. Guaranteed to be Nic free!

  17. Day 255… It was extremely hard the first week. After that it wasn’t really bad. Only thing i noticed was I gained a lot of weight, A LOT of weight. At about day 251 I noticed a strong urge to dip out of nowhere. It definitely doesn’t go away. Only thing motivating me to continue to keep going is everything I worked for to finally quit after 6 years.

  18. I am on day 11. Feeling depressed, tired, constipated and things that normally gave me pleasure no longer do.

  19. Day #159….the 150s were better than the 140s but still not great. Had a couple shots of “fogginess”….and am still having very mild spells of dizzness especially in the morning. I’m guessing that’s my brain trying to adjust and heal. I went in and had my blood sugar and pressure checked just to make sure the dizziness wasn’t part of low blood sugar or high blood pressure….all checked out perfect so I know it’s just my brain healing.

    I’m getting some awesome shots of “clarity”…..where this awful fucking journey has glimpses of hope and finality…..god I can’t wait.

    But I also understand that I’m not done…..there is still lots of healing that needs to take place.

    150s were better…..hoping for some great stretches in the 160s.

    • Congrats Craig! I am day 109 today, and these last days anxiety has come back pretty bad. Causing me shortness of breath, chest pain, etc. Did you still have some anxiety this far in? Ive heard of it lasting for 200-300 days?

  20. Day 152 and seem to be out of the brutal funk of the 140s…..seemed surprisingly clear today….almost a level of clarity that I haven’t experienced before…..hoping this is the start of a nice long stretch of good days…..hoping the funks are a thing of the past.

    Loving the 150s so far!

  21. I’ll get this ball rolling. I’m at 146 and so far the 140s have been brutal…..woke up on day 140 and out of nowhere was back in the fog….not fog like early in my quit….but strong enough to take notice that I’m not done with the battles.
    Dundippin also commented that his 140s were awful too…..so maybe there is something to that time frame…..maybe it’s one last gasp of air for the Nic Bitch.

    Either way….. Not at all liking the 140s…. Hopefully 150s are better.


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